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((Hullo! Because I am a total slacker and kind of ... uh...don't really do anything very much with Chesh at the moment, and won't be hanging out in some of his old haunts, I'll be friending some of my more frequent RP buddies with secretarybird, which I log into much more often. So if you happen to be looking at your userinfo and wonder who that is, it's just me. Much love to all y'all.

EDIT--don't do much with Chesh's journal, that is. I don't mean that Chesh himself is no longer a character I use.))

Theatrical Muse is very pushy today....[private unless your character really likes snooping.]

What is the one thing about yourself that you don't want anyone to ever know?

Ah! Well. H'm. Do you know, I sometimes feel as though there are important things I don't understand? Bunny, to give an example, is always fussing about morals. Could he have a point? And sometimes--you'll laugh to hear it, I'm sure; but I sometimes wonder if I'm not a bit obtuse about the affairs of the human heart. I have an acquaintance, to give another example, who has--an acquaintance, shall we say--who has of all things, another acquaintance.

The aesthetics of the situation seem obvious to me, and really I can't think why the supernumerary acquaintance hasn't met with a tragic accident. It would be terribly sad and we'd all have to spend at least a year mourning to be decent--possibly a good decade before they could meet again, sadder but wiser--but it's only reasonable.

I believe the only other option is for my first acquaintance to meet with a tragic accident or to move to some former colony and live the rugged life to put his mind past his grief. As my acquaintance is, among other things, a fine source of tea and scotch whisky and knows all the right people, I should be highly disappointed.

((He is entirely oblivious to the fact that this is gossip rather than deliberate self-revelation.))

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Incroyable. J'avais un rêve, un cauchemar. J'étais un chat! Mais pas un chat ordinaire, pas "le chat de ma tante." J'étais un énorme chat orange. Et je ne pouvais pas arrêter de sourire en grimaçant.

Que tout cela signifie-t-il ?