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best friends means friends forever

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[29 Nov 2004|07:51pm]

add me? adduuurr
` 2 ` -I need to be high-

[28 Nov 2004|03:05pm]
sick. sick. sick. sick. sick.

i thought i was going to die last night.

i thought i was sick because of the glass in my foot and i had a dream i had to get it amputated and it made me scared.

im gonna go pass out now.
` 14 ` -I need to be high-

I FRICKEN LOVE LINA [26 Nov 2004|10:44pm]
this girl rocks the face off my milk carton. she is my sunshine and makes me happy when skies are grey.

` 9 ` -I need to be high-

i stole this from josh [06 Nov 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | awake ]

humor me and fill this out =)

Who am I?
Who are you?
What is our relationship?
How long have I known you?
Do you like me?
What do I remind you of?
Who do I remind you of?
What song would you dedicate to me?
What's my worst feature?
What's my best feature?
Do you think I am repulsive, ugly, pretty, hot, beautiful?
Would you sleep with me?
What's my favorite thing to do?
When was the last time I saw you?
How long do you think we will be friends for?
If I made a move on you what would you do?
Do you think I have ever done drugs?
What color are my eyes?
What do you think I am going to be when I grow up?
Random comment:

` 6 ` -I need to be high-

[24 Oct 2004|12:53am]

glen glen glen glen!


` 6 ` -I need to be high-

[16 Oct 2004|05:23pm]
Your Boobies' Names Are: Beavis and Butthead

` 3 ` -I need to be high-

[06 Oct 2004|07:27pm]
opinions please:

for aim should i use;
jsut xlikeheaven
xx heylushx3
everyxreason to

yeah ok so i like the whole 'x' thingy. whatever, at least its not xo.

lyke omii gawd x0x s3xii mamii x0x
` 19 ` -I need to be high-

[05 Oct 2004|08:56pm]
tom loves me.
` 2 ` -I need to be high-

[04 Oct 2004|10:28pm]
p.s. thank you montsy for the amazing icon ;)
` 1 ` -I need to be high-

[04 Oct 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

happy birthday anja!
i love you<3

` 4 ` -I need to be high-

[03 Oct 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | too much homework to do =( ]


comments puhleaseCollapse )

` 13 ` -I need to be high-

stolen from joshh [30 Sep 2004|08:48pm]

NOSE: alyssa
ELBOW: qo67wwqa
TONGUE: alyssa
CHIN: alyssa
FEET: alyyedssa
PALM: asl,kyhsxsxa
MOUTH: aqlyssa
WRIST: zas.;,uj xcdx cdxz
` 8 ` -I need to be high-

it seems our day keeps falling on a leap year [15 Sep 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

haha WOW. i had the absolute worst case of the giggles today. i jsut could not stop laughing, heh =P
funny things that happened that absolutely made me almost pee my pants and made me laugh for about 15 minutes straight:
-justins pen exploded in his mouth and it was all black
-tommy only drinks on days that end in "day"
-luca thought i was drunk.. yeahh at 3 in the afternoon at school? oh yeah.
-a line segment in math was labled "FU"
-i was singing the tequila song alll day and pissing remanu off =)

retreat tomorrow with school.. hmm this will be, interesting?
yeah i'll be back friday. bye bye<3

` 13 ` -I need to be high-

[06 Sep 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

some pictures from this summerCollapse )

` 15 ` -I need to be high-

[04 Sep 2004|12:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

pictures from BOB =)

the last night =(



Sing it loud to drown out the feelingCollapse )

` 8 ` -I need to be high-

[29 Aug 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | blank ]

jsut something to keep me busy =)

i just loaded my pictures of bob and i'll post them sooonn i promise.


don't complicate it by hesitatingCollapse )

` 2 ` -I need to be high-

[22 Aug 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok i "got" a digital camera for my birthday, but my parents didnt know what kind.. and im going to get one tomorrow.. any suggestions on what kind?

` 7 ` -I need to be high-

[14 Aug 2004|11:31pm]
it will offically be my birthday in half an hour.

wooo. 14
` 18 ` -I need to be high-

[29 Jun 2004|04:01pm]
ok so i obviously havent updated in forever, and chances are i wont be anytime soon. so im taking a summer break i guess. im too busy. chances are you might see a few updates here and there but i'll start again in september.

bye bye.
` 10 ` -I need to be high-

"no we cannot jump off the docks you fucking dyke" [16 Jun 2004|07:15pm]
[ mood | my mouth hurts ]

whoa.. everythings been crazy.

monday- chris's pool party! soo fun.
meaghan got pushed in by deanna and started chasing her around the yard. and meaghans look was soooo angry and deanna looked petrified. and they were like running the beat of the music. it was HILARIOUS. i had to sit down to prevent myself from peeing my pants.
oh yeah and making out underwater? hahaha how werid. =P
then monday night me kara shannon deanna and chris went to see stepford wives. it was weird. then me and shannon slept over deannas.

tuesday - went to the beach with caroline and madeline, got super burnt on my back. carolines stomach is really burnt. there were these creepy mexican men staring at us the whole time. then we went to seeing harry potter. huntington was so deserted. thenn me and caroline slept over madelines and my fricken sunburnt back kept sticking to the lazy boy.

today - went to the orthadontist and was caused severe pain. then i went to the creek with meaghan and got more burnt. and now im home babysitting joey.

tomorrow is traceys party and that will probably be pretty fun =)
and im going shoppinggg, yayy

and OMG 3 days until dysfunctional family picnic!!
the darkness, the strokes, cypress hill, brand new, yeah yeah yeahs, new found glory, story of the year, taking back sunday.

wowww.. so excited =D

p.s. i cut my finger while i was slicing bread and it hurts =(
haha yep just thought everyone should know that.

` 5 ` -I need to be high-

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