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Uh oh!

So I've been playing with my sleep patterns and I must say, during the past week with only 8 hours of sleep, I've been very creative and apathetic! haha You'll see what I mean...

Tonights challenge: Stay up for 29 hours!
Updates: As of now, I have 14 hours left.

S/N Disguised: "heh do you ever write short stories or stories?
eyne imbrue: yeah
eyne imbrue: ahah
S/N Disguised: I would enjoy reading them sometime
eyne imbrue: okay
eyne imbrue: i'll make a lj for them

Image hosted by

Everything within the makeshift circle is what's going to show. I have one for design I can pay for, any ideas from you the consumer? Would you buy one of these?

Image hosted by
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