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"What were you thinking when you were dreaming about the future?" Version 2.0

Here is an article a talent scout did for us. This article is going to be in the New Orleans music zines: Anti-Gravity and Six Ten Split and the New Orleans Punks dot COM, within a few weeks.

"Local Youth Rock the Music Scene

(New Orleans) Youthful Rockers, Ian Sisk and Sean Hendler comprise ALLAIRE, which is a contemporary acoustic power pop Emo band. The band was originally started in Florida but when Sisk moved to New Orleans he struck out on his own. “Despite many years with makeshift bands, I decided to go solo after forcing to break up the Orlando, Florida local band, Blame Boddah, as a result of me moving to New Orleans,” Sisk said. Allaire is a collaboration of music and sounds with Sean.”

In late April of 2005, Ian met Sean, a bassist/guitarist/singer/songwriter in Metarie, Louisiana. Although new to music, Sean's style was very much in line with Ian's. Sean was invited to join Allaire within moments of chatting. Together they bring a matured emotional response to the life around them.

Writing about life experiences is not new to Sisk. “I begun on Valentines Day when I was 12,” Sisk said. “I went to a dance with my girlfriend at the time where afterwards she broke up with me. I didn't know how to handle it and let my emotions and feelings go. So I bought a notebook and just started writing and have been writing ever since.” “In eighth grade is when I first started writing lyrics. I’ve always appreciated music and was raised on classic rock,” Hendler stated. Both these young men have strived to write with an understanding of the confusing somewhat challenging world around them.

Take for instant their song, “Pine Street” “The intro to pine street is from the movie SLC Punk,” Sisk said. “In that scene the main character finds his friend has died. I wrote the song about moving away from my friends in Florida, which was a rough time for me. And the line "You were my only friend" really merged with the song well. Plus, the movie (aha and song) is a favorite of my friends and mine” While the intro is a bit unnerving it shows how a creative mind Sisk has and how he can interweave those thoughts into complex compositions.

While most young rockers seem to desire stardom or fame, Allaire is different. “I want the listener to have an overflow of emotions,” Sisk says. “I want there spine to dance with tinglement when they hear us. I want them to have the time of there life and be happy. I want our music to be powerful for the people who listen to it.” Hendler reflects on this very similarly, “I hope the audience will walk away with a better understanding of themselves and to feel like we are just an extension of them.”

They are no strangers to playing in front of audiences. They play regularly on Sunday’s at Neutral Ground, 5110 Danneel Street, New Orleans. “Oh, I’ve had people cry, dance, scream, everything, and that's what I want,” Sisk said on his fans reactions to his shows. “I want people to express themselves at our shows. I mean, it's music not an art gallery, even though it really is. Music is supposed to have an effect on you whether it's crying, screaming, dancing, anything, just let it loose.”

The name for their band is a bit mysterious but Sisk explains it well. “Everyone has loved my middle name, which is Allaire,” Sisk said. “But for this next music project I wanted the name to be mysterious and make people curious yet fun. I also wanted it to be a little of an inside joke between people who know me personally.”

Allaire is a promising young band with a bright future. They are enjoying the beginning stages of collaboration between Sisk and Hendler. They plan to record a new album later this summer after a short tour in Florida."
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