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"Nothing gold can stay" - Ponyboy, The Outsiders

So, nothing has been exciting since I got back, to my house. I purchased a web cam, Spitalfield - Stop Doing Bad Things, and The Black Maria - Lead Us To Reason. I've been trying to be more creative and artsy latley. I've drawn/doodled more, which is scaring me, here's why:

When I draw, I just doodle, then it starts turning into something, but I don't know what it is. I think it's just my thoughts and feelings careening from pen to paper. Like the other day, I was doodling in math class, and I always think the teacher is crazy. So, I start drawing, squiggly lines, little hearts, flames, clouds, trees, spider webs, et cetera. When I finished, it turned out to be a man, crazy-looking. Spider webs as his teeth, his hair; trees poking through clouds; the heavens, his nose a long crooked arrow passing his mouth and down in front of his neck spitting out flames; the hell, his eyebrows are tree branches and they feature a man being hung. Just crazy stuff like that. This style for me, has been going on since last Halloween season when I was drawing tribal stuff and it ended up being a realistic looking heart. Anyways, if you guys want me to, I'll post pictures of my art sometimes, just ask.

Anyways, back to my life. Being artsy is starting to take action. I've D-E-C-O-R-A-T-E-D my guitar case with my sticker collection, I'm making Cassie a shirt with a stencil of a mixtape saying "I (mixtape) You", I'm starting to make other stencils of robots and shit and spray painting them onto the free stickers at the post office for your packages, and my current project is taking all the things my friends have given me over the years (photos, tickets to concerts we've went to together, letters, stickers, et cetera) and putting them into this black binder. I think this is going to be fun. Oh, and if you want to contribute to the "Magnificent-Binder-of-Ian's-Good-Friends" just tell me, and I'll save you your own little section.
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