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Personal Log: Chef
Boldly Cooking...Where No Man has Cooked Before
:: opens door from galley into Captain's Dining Room... dark now... had been busy a couple of evenings ago... numerous crew members enjoying themselves for a few hours of tree trimming and decorating... had poked own head in a few times... enjoyed watching the children all seeing their first Christmas tree... their laughter ringing out over the other conversations and general merriment::

:: shakes head and smiles, remembering the sight of Henry covered in tinsel, strewing it merrily around, some of it even landing on the tree, his sister giggling at him, his father laughing::

:: switches on tree lights and enters the room, leaving the other room lights off... walks around looking at it from all sides, smiling at some of the improvised decorations mixed among the various balls and baubles and tinsel and garland::

:: steps up to the viewport and watchs the stars pass for a few minutes::

:: turns back to the tree and opens a small box has brought along::

:: lifts out the small card tucked into the lid of the box... has read it enough times to know it by heart, but whispers the words aloud as reads it again::

To my Lauren
For our first Christmas together, something for our tree.
I chose a star because, in my mind, it always symbolizes hope.
a star to wish on, a star to light the darkness,
a star to guide you home safe to me every time.

:: swallows... takes a breath::
My hope is that every year we place it on our tree together
we'll remember the dreams and the love we share today.

Yours always, with all my love...

:: replaces the card in the lid of the box and lifts out the small golden star ornament::

:: traces its outline with a fingertip, thinking of how many times has taken it out of the box at Christmas, but decided not to put it on the tree::

:: almost puts it back in the box again::

:: decides not to... Lauren wouldn't mind... we all need this ::

:: finds a good place for it on the tree, a bit out of the way, but where it catches and reflects the glow of a nearby light::

:: touches it once more with a fingertip, murmuring softly::

a star... for hope...

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To; Captain Archer
From: Chef
Subject: Incident Report and Galley Status Report


Following the recent invasion by those goddamned bastards incursion, a preliminary report on the status of the galley and food stores is as follows:

Personnel: 1 serious injury to steward... is expected to recover and several galley assistants self-treated for bumps and bruises.

Physical Damage: The galley was ransacked; a number of small appliances were damaged or are missing as are various items of cookware. Major equipment items (stoves, ovens, refrigerators) are functional.

Status of Food Supplies: As you are aware, the security of the long-term inventory storage pantries and freezers was addressed after the repeated incursions and thefts by the cheese-loving alien. Access to those areas was restricted and locked security mechanisms were installed. I'm glad to say those measures proved effective. The only food theft was from the current-supplies pantries and freezers. This certainly represents a loss, but is in no way crippling to the mission.

Status: I estimate that reasonably complete galley service will be restored in 2 days, with limited service phased in before then.

see DETAILSCollapse )

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:: back in quarters after working one of own typical split shifts... wanting to be around for breakfast service and to get crews started on lunch... no real need to be around for lunch all the time. The Captain had a working lunch with Hoshi yesterday but nothing scheduled for today... Cunningham and the galley staff can take care of it. Wants to try to relax a little before going back to work on dinner and desk work::

:: smiles to self as thinks about what should be planning to have available for the babies kids... growing so damn fast... faster than Renara had... or seems so anyway... maybe doesn't remember exactly::

:: smile fades a little... misses Renara... knows Jon does too... thinks of her every time makes any banana dish... how her face would light up at the sight of one::

:: sighs... Henry and Charlotte are adorable... and Jon and Malcolm such devoted parents... has never seen that side of Malcolm before, though suspected it might be there. Jon... no surprises there... knew he'd be a wonderful father::

:: gets up and starts stripping off uniform... needs a shower, then a nap... kicks off shoes and heads toward the shower... stops and goes back to the entertainment unit to program some music first::

Ahh... good. Puccini. Can't have a good shower without Puccini... or maybe some Verdi... but this is good...

:: cranks up the sound enough to hear over shower... won't disturb anyone at midday and isn't that loud::

:: runs water and strips off rest of clothes, stepping into the hot spray and letting it pound on somewhat sore back... too much lifting yesterday... rearranging food stores in the pantries... checking inventories::

:: hears start of a favorite aria... starts singing along... a favorite 20th century tenor... Domingo this time... wishes had half his voice... but in the shower, who'll know... ::

Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma!
Tu pure, o Principessa
Nella tua fredda stanza
Guardi le stelle
Che tremano d'amore
E di speranza!

Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me,
Il nome mio nessun sapra!
No, no sulla tua bocca lo diro,
Quando la luce splendera!

Ed il mio baccio sciogliera il silenzio
Che ti fa mia!

Dilegua, o notte!
Tramontate, stelle!
Tramontate, stelle!
All'alba vincero!
Vincero, vincero!

:: completely loses self in lyrics... was one of Lauren's favorites... used to tease him about being her nameless prince... couldn't bear to hear the aria for so long after losing her... then one day... realized that the music still spoke... brought her close again::

:: dries off, toweling hair dry... pulls on sweatpants and lies down on bunk... half dozing and listening to rest of the music had programmed::
Nessun DormaCollapse )

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To: Captain Jonathan Archer
To: Lt. Comdr. Malcolm Reed
Private CommunicationCollapse )

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To: Captain Archer

From: Chef

Subject: Galley Privileges and crew access

I'm concerned about a number of incidents that have occurred over the past month or so involving access to the galley and to the various food stores.

We've already talked about the liquor cabinet issues, and changing the access codes has been effective too effective sometimes in dealing with that problem.

There are two issues here. One is pilferage from storage, which is starting to show up in inventory discrepencies between the database and the physical inventory. It's not possible to plan how to feed a starship full of people for months at a time without knowing what's available, especially when there are things we can't replenish out here. Even things as simple as canned tuna are impossible to replace once they're gone. It's important to save enough of everything so that we won't be eating only the unpopular food on the trip home.

The other issue is general galley access. I had hoped that having an open access policy, where people could get their own snacks, would improve morale and help everyone through a tense period, but the privilege is being seriously abused. My steward, Crewman Cunningham, tells me that these problems occur rather frequently and involve various crew members, both Starfleet and MACO, so it's not just an isolated problem. This is resulting in extra clean-up work for the mess crew, and I worry about sanitation as well as the supplies issues. I refuse to put locks on all of the food storage panties and refrigerators, and locking up cooking utensils is ludicrous, so I think the access to the galley will need to be limited.

I'm recommending that galley privileges again be restricted to senior officers, except as specifically authorized by myself for a special occasion of some kind. My staff and I will always be willing, as ever, to entertain special requests from any crew member.

I'll also be setting up a new snack bar area in the Mess Hall, where the crew will be able to help themselves to more items than are typically available at off-hours now, especially the most popular snack foods. The usual meal and snack selections will continue to be available on all shifts as well.

I will instruct the stewards and galley crew to refuse admittance to unauthorized crewmembers and I ask everyone's cooperation with this. These aren't security people and will simply ask for cooperation. If you were to make a shipwide announcement of the revised policy, effective immediately, I would appreciate it.

On a related note, I plan to make a day-trip down to the shore-leave planet to attempt to replenish some supplies, as well as perhaps to find some local produce to add some variety to the menus. Maybe they'll have some good cheeses

Thank you.

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Jonathan, there was an incident in the galley last night of which you should be aware.

Rather than filing an official report--which can still be done if you feel it's warranted-- I thought you might like it handled privately.

When I arrived in the galley this morning, there was evidence that someone had been riffling through various cabinets and storage containers. None of these were locked or contained any critical supplies, but it was unusual, as most of the crew knows where to look to find snacks or cutlery, glasses, etc. and I've not seen this kind of rummaging around previously.

I immediately checked the cheese supplies, which appear to be all accounted for.

The goal apparently was to locate the liquor stores, as the liquor cabinet has also been open and five bottles were pilfered. The cabinet was then left unlocked.

As you know, the codes to that cabinet are limited to the senior officers and myself. It is possible that someone else might have cracked the code, and I will certainly question my own staff, but that's a high-security code and multiple wrong entries would have triggered a lockout. Despite the ransacking of other cabinets and bins, there is no evidence of forced entry to the liquor cabinet.

Obviously, the loss is not significant in terms of the actual items pilfered, but might indicate some other problem that warrants your attention. I know you already have too much on your plate, and I leave it up to you to decide what, if any, action to take on this.


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Assorted Appetizers

Asparagus spears, Cucumber slices, Carrot sticks
Grilled Mushroom Mélange; Oyster, Shitake, Portobello
Curried Eggs
Cheeses: Brie, Cheddar, Stilton, Pepper Jack (hot)
Crackers and Dips (Onion, Cheese, Jalapeno (very hot!)
Spring Rolls (Vegetarian and Shrimp) with Dipping Sauces
Potato Pancakes

Main Attractions

Roast Turkey with oyster stuffing
Peking Duck with pancakes
Roast Beef with horseradish sauce
Vegetarian Moussaka
Denobulan Lemur Kidneys

On the Side

Potato Pancakes
Fried Rice
Long-life Noodles
Ginger spiced Carrots

Just Desserts

Pumpkin Pie w/whipped cream
Cardamom Ice Cream
Plum Pudding
Chocolate Decadence Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies

And to Drink

You name it, we've probably got it!

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Private Communication to jonathan_archer

Jon, I know this has been a difficult past couple of weeks. I for one had nearly forgotten that it is almost Christmas.

I know you've had it particularly rough. I don't know what your plans are for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but I don't want you to have to spend either of those times alone.

To be more specific, I want you to spend those hours with a friend. If you can spend the time with Malcolm, that would of course be best. But if, for whatever reason, that isn't possible, please consider this an invitation. I'd like nothing better than to toast the season with you and just provide some quiet companionship.

And to be honest, I could use the company too. The holidays are the roughest time in terms of ...remembering other times and places, other people.

You know where to find me if you find yourself otherwise alone.


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Well, we have cheese again! Gah. About time, I think. I was starting to think there might be a crew mutiny over lack of mac and cheese, to say nothing of facing movie night without nachos. I hear liz_cutler is planning something special for movie night this week. It will be good to see people relax a little, maybe even laugh a bit. Things have been pretty tense lately, and I've missed the laughter.

But the cheddar from the replicator on Captain _picard_'s Enterprise has passed the ultimate taste tests. jonathan_archer and spacepooch both liked it, and those were two smiles I was glad to see.

I'll make a shipwide announcement that cheese is back on the menu--though I'm still worried that we've never really caught the cheese and skivvies thief, and this might be new temptation for he, she or it.

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Some of my friends here on Enterprise have finally persuaded me that I should keep a Personal Log. I've always been of the opinion that my cuisine speaks for itself, and my recipe log should be all that matters.

But since we left Earth on this trip to the Expanse, and especially since we've encountered these bizarre plot anomalies, there have been enough unusual goings-on that it's probably worth recording my take on it all. For posterity. Whatever.

Maybe they'll make a movie about my life and adventures one day. The first Chef in Starfleet...the finest Chef in Starfleet.

Hell, who am I kidding, I'm the only damn chef in Starfleet at the moment, and if the rest of this crew doesn't succeed in THEIR part of this mission, there won't be anyone on Earth to watch that movie.

It's been pretty busy in the galley recently, with all the visitors here. I hear things, you know. I hear that jonathan_archer keeps inviting more and more strangers on board as guests (and some of them are definitely STRANGER -- what was it about the Q person!). And he wants to shag dine with half of them it seems.

I also hear that mal_reed is pissed as hell not happy about the security angle of having all these weirdos guests on board when we might be going into hostile territory at any damn moment. And god, do they eat a lot! You'd think some of them hadn't seen actual food in their century. Ah, the responsibility.

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