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A few months of not-so-interesting events.

Hullo livejournal,
It is time for an (extremely rare) entry detailing the life of Emily, mainly because I'm bored and I really have nothing to do.
The past couple of months have been filled with a mixture of procrastination, exams, procrastination and undeserved relaxation.
Now I'm going to copy a million other people and complete my entry with a +/- list because I'm not sure anyone will want to read an in depth discussion. (

+ Hamish and Andy. Ah, they are excellent. See pictorial evidence below.
+ Putt Putt Golf. It should seriously be a compulsory part of everyone's day.
+ Successfully completing a whole year of university.
+ Shona/Tessa/Heather hangouts for the first time in half a year.
+ Dazed and Confused. How had I never seen this movie before?
+ Looking at Christmas lights. Even if half of it is tacky and awful, it is nice to see entire streets that all join in. Especially if there are free candy canes/chocolates involved.

+/- Christmas. I really like Christmas, but not the shopping. I'm all done with presents now and I can focus on baking/decorating things and it will be fun.
- Not having a life. Srsly, someone get me out of my house.
- Having to discuss my grade with one of my professors. I've never been more intimidated in my life, and it turns out all my stress wasn't really worth it because I did quite well.
- Having to do a summer course. Arggh, I don't have the motivation for this.

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In other news turning 19 was terrifying and I'm officially too old. But i did receive an excellent china teapot and a new camera for my efforts...of birth? I don't know. Also, my mum just came into my room to get rubbish and almost found her Christmas present so now she probably thinks I'm hiding something suss in my room. Oh well.
I'm sure I had more to say but as soon as I start writing I forget/get lazy.
Also, how did everyone go with HSC results? I hope you were all pleased and such.

Ahhhh. That's about all. Have a lovely Christmas and  a Happy New Year, seeing as I probably won't update until March.
p.s Le francais est difficile. Aidez-moi, s'il vous plait !
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Long time no see, livejournal.
I had a 2000 word essay due today and as a result of that I had a lot more time to procrastinate and do things I should have done months ago, like show you all pictures from the UK.
I pretty much uploaded these instead of doing my essay, which was still handed in on time (mad skillz).
Natalie is fantastic! In short, I had a brilliant time, and theres too much to even tell you about because we did so many great things. eg. LONDON. Yeah, that was pretty fantastic.
These aren't all my photos but they're the only ones I could be bothered uploading. Also, they're not in any order and I think only a page of them has titles but I'll get around to titling them sometime.
They uploaded really small. I think that was because of the bulk uploader thing but I'm not entirely sure.
Some of my favourites are under the cut. (Fairly image heavy I guess.)
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for more photos: those were just my favourites i suppose
p.s on pages 2-3 there are about 30 photos of me which i like to call "in which natalie was a really big creep"
Remind me to upload more later and then tell you about it.
I may or may not have attacked my brother with a hair straightener.
He has too much hair and it doesn't sit correctly but it was still pretty fun.

In other news I have two French assignments due on Monday (two! two! on the same day!)

I hope all is going well with HSCs. Exams are pretty crap but it will be over soon and then everyone is going to come hang out with me even though I'll have my finals. Bah.
Tell university to be easier & tell me to stop forgetting to put my P plates on before I go out to drive.
Also, find my glasses.

I think that's about all.

eta: on a completely unrelated note:

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Let me start by saying:

I don't particularly care about your flist either, I'm that excited. So deal with the picture, I never post anyway. lol.
I'm so looking forward to this x a million, and I'm sorry if I haven't seen you in a while, but I might not get a chance before Sunday, so I love you all and I have no idea what else to say.

So yeah, have a nice July and I'll see you when I get back :D.

p.s Natalie probably has all of your addresses but if you're not sure send me an email and I'll send you a postcard or seven.

Be excited/jealous!


How are we all? I'm excited/nervous. University starts on Tuesday and that's pretty intimidating seeing as I haven't been to any formal schooling since September. Hopefully it will be as good as everyone says it is, but at the moment I can't see myself doing any of the work because I'm still in the "woohoo holidays" mindframe.

In other news, I was applying for jobs the other day so hopefully I'll get one of those. But what annoys me most is the places that don't even call to say you haven't gotten an interview. Would it seriously be that hard to call and say "sorry, but you weren't what we wanted. Or even an email! Bah.

Soundwave sunday! mwY, Kdev, Thursday, incubus! ftw. I'm really excited.
But I think I'll be totally broke after we get back from Melbourne. (but i'm still looking forward to it)

Sorry to clog up your flist.
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I never have to go to school againnnnn suckers

Results! Oh wow. I'm pretty wonderfully happy with them. A few little irritating things. such as the nearlynotquitetherebandsixes.

UnitsCourses EnteredExamination MarkAssessment MarkHSC MarkPerformance Band 
2Ancient History90/10084/10087 5info
2Drama83/10088/10086 5info
2English (Advanced)83/10086/10085 5info
2Legal Studies82/10086/10084 5info
2General Mathematics91/10086/10089 5info
2Society and Culture87/10088/10088 5info

So yeah, I'm happy with those. Also, UAI of 89.15 and that'll get me into everything I applied for at Macquarie, unless the cut offs increase dramatically. Which hopefully they won't?

Oh well :) win for me. I went to school for the last time today so that was pretty good, the school's final gift to us were about 7 bottles of soft drink that were left over at the end of our 'results bbq', basically where all the smart people go to brag about their results :\.

oh p.s 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89. My royal flush is better than any 97.95 uai =D

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So basically I'm ridiculously old and someone should stop me now before I start to wither away.

I really don't have much to update about at all only I'm terrified for wednesday and I'm sure that I've failed and i'm going to get a mystery UAI & really suck. Why do we have to get the results? It's sort of like the BOS just likes to rub in the fact that you had to do the HSC. Oh welllllll.
Thankyou all for coming on friday, I had a great time and I hope you did too!

Alsoo, did anyone leave a bottle of wine at my house? Lolz, I discovered it in my room today. Better claim it quickly before my parents decide it's theirs.

What are people doing for NYE? I have the strange feeling that if I don't get invited to anything I'll ring in the new year with my parents and uncle. :\. Hangoutz?

(no subject)

year 11 (12) peopleeeeeee

i have those little english study guides that i would like to get rid of.
one of them is 'the tempest' for journeys. the other one is gwen hardwood's poems and the other one is frontline.

i think ellie's already snagged the frontline one though, so anyone keen on tempest or harwood?
no charge or whatever.


eta: also! i totally forgot. I have two general maths study guides and a text book. srsly free.
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I'm pretty sure that this is the best feeling in the world, or at least close to it.
I'm deprived of sleep, I have the worst back pain in the world from being hunched over desks, and I'm exhausted beyond belief.
But it's over!
3.30 couldn't have come soon enough. Yesterday in legal studies the lady was like "so if you've finished all your exams you can take your BOS number with you" and mine was the only one left on the tables :(. But it's okay!

Now that it's done I have no idea what to do. It's sad that I'm thinking of taking pictures of me throwing out my school crap.

One more thing:


Goodbye, year 12. Hello, life.

p.s just remind me not to throw myself off a cliff when i get the results, k?

eta: everyone's out having a life on a friday night to share my happiness :\.
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I have figured out

The seven deadly exams sins

1. Journeys

2. Modules

3. Equations

4. Sociologists

5. Historians

6. Lawyers

7. Actors

That exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And the whole process was sort of anti-climactic, seeing as I've technically already done a HSC exam.

I seriously never want to hear the word 'journeys' again. Nevereverever.

I can't wait until I can strike out everything on that list. When I do, you might just find that I become a much better person.

P.s I'm having troubles with making my entries friends only?
Basically whenever I do, no one can see them unless they directly come to my journal. Does anyone know what's wrong?
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