Strategien zur Weltverbesserung

Rated R for language - which should be the least of your worries here

12 December

+ charon
+ male
+ drunk IQ: 120 (I don't do IQ tests when I'm sober)
+ illegitimate child of a Sith Lord and a Time Lord
+ resident fanboy and geek
+ monogamous bisexual (yes, we do exist)
+ communist, who believes in democracy
+ serious chocolate and coffee addict
+ i wear black, until they invent something darker ... and orange, orange's a great colour too.
+ extremely advanced lifeform - says ismeniak!!
+ master degree in smart ass
+ i love vampires ... mmh, nevermind, the LJ inquisition might consider this necrophilia.
+ and i really liked "children of earth" ... stop yelling at me for that. But feel free to send coffee, because everything is better with coffee.

+ partly friends only, partly public
+ don't expect me to friend you back if you have like 800 people listed as friends. I don't think anyone can keep up with that many people (but you are very welcome to prove me wrong) and I'm not a collectors item.
+ and please leave a comment of some sorts if you want me to friend you back.

+ ch_photoshopped is the place where all my graphics are posted
+ Deviantart is where I post mostly resources (like PS brushes and textures)
+ darthcharon is my archive for layouts and my test lab. If a layout blows up there no one gets hurt - only my ego ;-)
... and that's me on Dreamwidth

+ V.17.2
+ Still using my old code, I'm so lazy. This one features the Montgolfière.
+ flexible Squares
+ this is designed for Firefox and a 1024x768 resolution. I'm afraid this layout looks very wrong with everything else.
+ sherlock mood theme by kohler - all the other mood themes are made by me and can be found here