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These are not the Memoirs of a Empress nor of a Queen;;

These are the Memoirs of another kind....

Dana Noelle
27 December
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[The Girl]
I flip open my cell phone about 17 times a day, even though I know no one ever calls, I don’t even know why I put it on vibrate in class. I take useless pictures with my almighty Cannon PowerShot when I’m bored, and if I’m really bored ill fix it up with Photoshop and put a boring border on it. My boyfriend is a fireman, and I worry everyday for his safety. He makes me crazy, but I truly believe he's the one I'll spend the rest of my life with. Bridget says I make a mean olive oil dip, I really don’t think she knows its 3 ingredients. I take a lot of pride being a full-blooded Italian, and if you make fun of me because I move my hands while I talk I might punch you and say it was just an accident. I could really never hurt someone, and I will never fight back. It takes too much effort and I'm not into that, until you mess with someone I love, then you'd probably see a rare sight of these short Italian legs run real fast. I'd take anyone in, and I'd always come to someone’s rescue even if it would jeopardize my life, because I know if the roles were reversed I would want someone to rescue me. I’m a deep believer in karma and I take comfort in knowing people get what they deserve.


My name is Dana
I live on Long Island, New York
I am 20 years old
I'm a Junior at Stony Brook University
I'm 100% Italian
My family is my life
I have 2 best friends who mean the world to me
My boyfriend is my soul mate
I never get angry
I'm a Capricorn
I love to have a good time
I think people can truly change
I believe in second chances


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And we live for those
European Nights
full of too much smoke
too much liquor
too much music
too much movement
and too much loud
for any american.

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