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This journal is now Friends only.

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If you are looking for my Icons, Please visit my Icon Journal: sorella_icons. But if you would like to read about my day and my life then feel free to comment and I will add you ^_^



now that i can post entries on my lj from my phone ill be able to update more oftennn! yay! this is awesome!
Sayuri: Dance

Layout change.

Its under construction, I just need to know a couple of things like why the sidebar is poping out, how to put more boxes so i can add a link section and a like section and how to put up a background image. thank youuuu <3333.
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OMG new mood theme ^_^ its JACK SPARROW! thanks to owca for having a link on her layout so that i could find it ^_^ and thank you to lidi who made it. im so excited ^_^_^ muwaha
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New Header

New Header!!I made this one. Its so pretty ^_^_^!!!! This is a keeper! w00t! along with that, I set my Freinds Only entry to 2010 so people could actually se it -.- lol. And thats pretty too, of course. Yuna has blessed my page with her skills of beauty. So .. At the moment, I am content! I should really get a new layout, I've had this one for a while, I just never came across a better one. That will be my next project. Muwhahaha. Why are you standing around listening to me for? Go take a look! *slaps your booty!*

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New Header.

I change my Header like i do underwear. Well, thats kinda gross. But you understand the point im getting at right? O_o. This header was made by the talented vielendank. Thank you for sharing it! ^_^.

Vote for an icon on the entry below this! Savvy?!
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