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The Snarky Bureaucrat

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Ryan Chappelle
30 December 1959
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My name is Ryan Chappelle and I work for CTU. That's all you need to know for now.

[OOC: Ryan's a Caucasian male in his late 40's. Aside from his distinctively asymmetrical nose, he passes for your average middle-aged businessman. He's of average height with a medium build and a tendency to put on weight in the middle. Ryan has green eyes, a penchant for wearing dark blue suits and what's left of his hair is sandy brown with some gray at the temples. Ryan Chappelle was Regional Division Director of CTU and both boss of and antagonist to Jack Bauer. In his third and final season on 24 Ryan was investigating terrorist Stephen Saunders and got close to finding him - too close. Saunders discovered that Ryan was investigating his accounts and ordered President Palmer to have the Director killed or else he would release two vials of the extremely lethal Cordilla Virus. Having no alternatives, the president complied and Ryan Chappelle was executed by Jack Bauer.

Ryan comes to Milliways a few moments after his death in episode 3x18.]

Updated: Ryan's been at Milliways for over two years. In that time he's been reunited with his daughter, geeky_agent Chris Chappelle. He's also married to maid_of_astolat Elaine LeBlanke and is helping her take care of _myloveisreal David, a young boy she adopted .]

Ryan Chappelle is the property of Robert Cochran, Joel Sunrow, Real Time Productions and Fox. I am not affiliated with them nor the actor (Paul Schulze) who played Ryan Chappelle.

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