Chaotic Tears

...chaotic mind...

I've had very severe M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for 15yrs... I'm now totally bedbound, tubefed, paralysed, etc, but that's not who I really am - there's an awful lot more to me than purely a severe M.E. sufferer, believe me! It's just a label.

My journal is Friends Only as I often write very personal entries & I want to know exactly who's reading them. If you'd like access to my journal though, feel free to leave a comment telling me abit about yourself, & IF I feel comfortable with you, I'll add you to my Friends List. Please don't be upset if I decide not to add you though - it's nothing personal, honestly... I just need to feel 100% comfortable with everyone on my Friends list so that I can continue to use my journal as the only venting outlet that I have (that means lots of ranting & raving!).
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