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-First off, please don't waste my time.
-I will not send out your order until I have received payment.
-If there is a problem with your order, please contact me and I will figure it out.
-Please don't comment and then never reply.
-Please leave feedback if you have made a transaction with me.
-Shipping is included in prices.
-If you want delivery confirmation, a tracking number or faster shipping, YOU will have to pay extra.
-I will add more for shipping overseas, and your package will be shipped the cheapest (most likely slowest way) Unless you request a different shipping method AND pay extra to cover the cost.
-I will ship your items within seven days of recieving payment.
-please, please include a note with what you purchased when you mail your payment, it really helps things go smoothly.

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-Paypal (preferred)
-Money Order
-Concealed Cash (At your own risk)
-Personal Checks (for united states residents only) I will ship after it clears (about 3-5 days, also at your own risk)
-Fair Trades If you have no positive feedback YOU MUST SEND FIRST or I will not trade with you, I have been ripped off too many times. It is not my intention to rip you off, I will send my end.

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Here you can check on the status of your order.
This is a place to help keep me organized, Lord knows I need help!
*note- if you do not see a date next to your order, it means that I have not had a chance to send it yet. I will post the date when it has been sent.





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