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Please see my feedback in the comments on this entry.
I also have feedback on Ebay under the username "punkrocklite", on Laundromatic under the username "blackmamba" and on the hotfashionsales community under _chaitea and classiestkid


After we have completed and transaction, Please comment HERE and leave me some feedback, thanks. I'll do the same for you.


never sent money for adamstown elementary shirt or replied to my emails in regards to it.

never sent my end of our trade, made lots of excuses.
Horrible trader.

never sent her end of our trade.

Purchased game boy pocket from her through paypal, she never sent it or sent me a refund after saying that she would.
Will not respond to my emails or comments.

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-First off, please don't waste my time.
-I will not send out your order until I have received payment.
-If there is a problem with your order, please contact me and I will figure it out.
-Please don't comment and then never reply.
-Please leave feedback if you have made a transaction with me.
-Shipping is included in prices.
-If you want delivery confirmation, a tracking number or faster shipping, YOU will have to pay extra.
-I will add more for shipping overseas, and your package will be shipped the cheapest (most likely slowest way) Unless you request a different shipping method AND pay extra to cover the cost.
-I will ship your items within seven days of recieving payment.
-please, please include a note with what you purchased when you mail your payment, it really helps things go smoothly.

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-Paypal (preferred)
-Money Order
-Concealed Cash (At your own risk)
-Personal Checks (for united states residents only) I will ship after it clears (about 3-5 days, also at your own risk)
-Fair Trades If you have no positive feedback YOU MUST SEND FIRST or I will not trade with you, I have been ripped off too many times. It is not my intention to rip you off, I will send my end.

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Here you can check on the status of your order.
This is a place to help keep me organized, Lord knows I need help!
*note- if you do not see a date next to your order, it means that I have not had a chance to send it yet. I will post the date when it has been sent.

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