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i'm spinning, oh, i'm spinning

i'm spinning, oh, i'm spinning

21 July
i'm aimee &i am incredibly shy

i am strange and unpredictable, a neat and net freak.

I have the attention span of a retarded goldfish, therefor i daydream a lot. I fall asleep in class (and love) easily
i am completely selfish and self-indulgent.

im not as nice as i should be, sorry for a lot but apologetic for nothing.

none of my friends really know who i am, this is because i am a master at lying and keeping secrets.

my dreams are completely stupid and crazy and usually involve Jack Nicholson and some sort of motorbike racing.

i love, love, love music. in pretty much everything i do, at any time i can, i listen to music. i love dancing to the cure, the smiths and le tigre

i love being cosy and wearing pyjamas, i also love all of my beautiful crazy friends and mostly, my even crazier and beautifuller boyfriend ♥ ♥

i'm friendly and easy to get along with, so a request for "friending" is always welcome <3

1960s, 1920s, 1970s, 1950s,
airports, aliens, Andy Warhol, art, art galleries.
baking, ballet, Bermuda triangle, books & literature, boys.
caffeine, cereal, cigarettes, clothes surgery, coffee, collages, costume jewellery, cowboy boots, crackly record players, criminology.
dancing to the cure, digital cameras, dinosaurs, doodling.
family guy, fashion, feminism, fresh flowers, fringes
ghosts, going to gigs, green tea.
Japan, journalism, jumpers.
legwarmers, live journal, London, long telephone calls, lyrics.
malibu & coke, marshmallow, mascara, mangoes, metal, mix tapes, movies.
New York.
ojai boards.
Paris, patterned tights, pearls, peanut butter, photo booths, photography, pretty peaches, private jokes.
record shops, reviews, ripped jeans.
Salvador Dali, Scarlet Johansson, scarves, scrapbooks, sex, shopping compulsively, silly noises, sketchbooks, sloths, sunglasses, sword-fighting.
Tarantino, tea dresses, thrift stores, tigers, Tokyo, train journeys, twee!
UFO’s, Uma Thurman, unsolved mysteries.
warm bed/ cold pillow.
yoga, yoghurt

♥ Alice cooper, Aimee Mann, a perfect circle, ash, art brut, Alanis Morrissete, Ani Difranco, air, aqualung, azure ray.
♥Bon jovi, Bob Dylan, biffy clyro, brand new, Bif naked, Bjork, bright eyes, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, Blondie, ben folds five, blur, butthole surfers, Bowie.
♥cat power, counting crows,the cure, the cooper temple clause, cky, cream
♥depache mode,the dandy warhols, the doors, distillers, damien rice, death cab for cutie
Elliot smith, everclear
♥ funeral for a friend, Fiona Apple, Foo fighters, Frank Zappa, fleetwood mac.
♥garbage, goo goo dolls
i am kloot, incubus, idlewild
♥jack off jill, jimmy eat world, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, joy division, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon
♥ kings of leon, kasabian, kiss
♥ Liz Phair, Lenny Kravitz, le tigre, led zeppelin, Lou Reed, ladytron
♥ mars volta, muse, Marianne Faithfull, matchbox 20, Marilyn Manson, Morrissey, my bloody valentine, Matthew good band, moody blues, modest mouse, mew, the music, manic street preachers, metallica
♥ Nina Simone, nico, nine inch nails
pink floyd, placebo, pretenders, Poe, prodigy, PJ Harvey, pretty girls make graves, the postal service,
♥ queen adreena, queens of the stoneage, queen.
radiohead, REM, the rolling stones, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers
♥ silverchair, sigur ros, skunk anansie, sonic youth, the stone roses, scars, smashing pumpkins Sloan, the smiths soundgarden.
Tori Amos, tool
♥ veruca salt, the velvet underground, von bondies
♥ the who
♥ yes, yeah yeah yeahs

♥american history x, american beauty, amelie, as good as it gets, alice in wonderland, almost famous
beetlejuice, blow, breakfast at tiffany's, back to the future
♥fight club
ghost, gattaca
♥i am sam
♥kill bill volumes
♥lord of the rings, lost in translation
♥o brother where art thou?, orange county
pulp fiction, psycho
♥romeo and juliet, rocky horror picture show
♥the shining, the crow, true romance, trainspotting, school of rock, sleepy hollow, the virgin suicides

on the road by jack kerouac, the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky, the bell jar by sylvia plath, wuthering heights by emily brontë, 1984 by george orwell, big fish by daniel wallace, wind-up bird chronicles/ after the quake/ a wild sheep chase/ underground/ dance dance dance/ the elephant vanishes by haruki murakami, goodbye tsugumi by banana yoshimoto, the lovely bones by alice sebold, to kill a mocking bird by harper lee, life of pi by yann martel, prozac nation/ bitch/ more, now again by elizabeth wurtzel, sophies world by jostein gaarder, catcher in the rye by JD salinger, a clockwork orange by anthony burgess, once in a house on fire by andrea ashworth, girl with a pearl earring by tracy chevalier, fear and loathing in las vegas by hunter s thompson.