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so, i tried yoga, for the first time ever today....and it was soooo much fun!! i really enjoyed it! myself and a friend of mine, val decided to go to the relaxing session (i think its called hatha, or something like that) that was 75 mins long. we got there 5 minutes before class started, and realised that there were waaay too many people there....we somehow managed to find a spot for two mats though, and began our "relaxation".....so after the class, i came to a few realisations:

firstly, yoga hurts!!! its stretches muscles i didnt know i had! its fun though :)

secondly, when you try to relax your brain and not think of anything stressful, and are just lying on the mat,  listening to calming music...you begin to do calculus questions in your head...its the perfect solution to my school problems! whenever i dont feel like doing homework, i should just relax my brain, and not think of anything :P

thirdly, yoga really does make you feel better! :) the two of us came out of that class, red, tired, yet happy as a hippo!!

fourthly, im turning into a middle aged woman!!! cooking for fun from receipes i find online/ in library books....going to bed at 10...now yoga! whats next?? am i supposed to get a bunch of cats now, or what??

and lastly, i realised that im definitely coming back there next week :P
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