May 25th, 2010


late late show

it is a sad day when one realizes that the only reason that keeps one from going to bed is a late late night TV talk show, but that is exactly what happens with me every weeknight.

A couple of months ago I discovered late night television ( I know, I'm slow, but I'm getting there). Amongst many horribly cliche shows, one stood above the rest. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. My God, this is the most hilarious program I have seen in a loooong time! Craig himself is a very charismatic host, and together with his harsh Scottish accent and his amazing good looks ( Honest, quite a good looking chap he is :)), this show is worth staying up for :))

On another note, having work end at 10pm is brutal, I don't feel like going anywhere afterwards!! :/ Although, some benefits do come out of that, I'm saving money every night I stay in :)
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On a completely different note, we have a mouse in our house. Lately it has gotten really cheeky, and whenever I make a noise with the keyboard, instead of running for its life like it has done before, it stops, stares at me and continues on like nothing happened. :) Funny thing is, the little rascal is growing on me! :P