October 29th, 2009



i carved my first pumpkin today :)) definitely a fun experience, and i think the whole family likes it, so thats double the enjoyment :)

otherwise, not much is new with me...had my last midterm exam today, cant say that was much fun, but its ok, finals should be even more fun :) 

have four days of work in a row, and theyre all closing shift, with one of them on halloween, which kinda sucks. ill still go out for a bit though, so no worries :P 

the other day, i found a bunch of old britney spears songs, from her first album...oh god! best music ever!! its not even that the songs are great, or that she has a good voice or anything, its just that all of those songs have a lot of nostalgic memories attached to them, so listening to them again...i almost cried :P

in other news, i decided to start teaching my baby sister about movies and such, and am showing her classics...like today, i introduced her to shreck, which she loved, and while i was sleeping asked for the second one to be shown. i think ive taught her well so far :P

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