June 21st, 2009


stream of thought

so the other day i figured out that people are not very nice, and honestly, whats there to be nice about?

i mean, the planet the is dying, we are in the middle of a recession, human nature is a rather selfish add on to our already rather pleasant personalities, so with a very extensive list like this, its no wonder that we sometimes feel like we are being suffocated by the very same people we love and care for. 

sometimes these said people dissapoint us, not out of ill-will, but out of their nature, and it hurts us, but we smile, and bear through, knowing, that out complaints wouldnt change the situation, but only make it worse for us, as we will be the ones who end up caring about them the most. 

looking back on a rather odd and definitely misplaed year in my life, i wonder, if all the problems i think came from other people are actually a result of my own incompetence to handle my life, so i use other people as metaphorical punching bags, attributing all my problems to them.  i have many problems, i am lazy, dont think ahead, rather slow in all my doings, but hopefully all or some of these are a part of the package we call adolescent years. 

i can finally admit that i have settled all my inner tribulations that ive been having these past few months, and can finally say ive learned to live with my self, i have found myself..ish.  now, the rest of the world needs o learn to live with me, which i dont think should be a big problem, right?

and anyways, fuck all this, i can get whatever i want :)
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