May 20th, 2009


too many words....

security blankets...hmm..i think i should get one...a new one that is, cause i already have one, but unfortunately it doesnt provide much security ( well, its kinda ironic, cause it has fire in it, and fire = safety = security = good)...there should be a store for these "blankets". i can just see it, you walk into this little shady place in the ass street of no where ( i have a thing for dodgy places, dont judge), and theres barely any light, and this old door in the iddle of the store, leading to no where. i dont know about you, but i am a very curious person, so in my story, the door gets opened, with something special inside. something that keeps you warm, and fuzy and happy...that something is...well, i dont actually know, cause it is different for everyone, but im sure that whatever it is, that said person can get it no problem, they just have to never lose hope, believe in their strengths, and maybe wish for a bit of luck....i dont think its very effective to wish for the thing you want, hasnt worked for me yet, so now i think ill be wishing for luck/ strength to get the things i want...because even if the thing i want chages, the wish cant get messed up, for i am not wishing for anythign in particular, dont you agree?? so thats it, from now on, i am wishing for strength/ luck/ magic/ whatever is needed to get this new security blanket; to get whatever it is that i want...and what i want is happiness, and technically it is already a broad enough term, so whatever i think happiness is at this exact momnet, is what i wish heres to all the wishes of the world...may most of them come true :P

and how are you all doing today?? :P
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