March 17th, 2009


Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

HAPPY SAINT PADDYS DAY EVERYONE!!!! :P hope it goes fantastically well for everyone!! im very generous, i share love adn happiness, so today, i hope each one of you finds their own happiness, adn keeps it with them...prefferably not in an empty bottle, but roaming free, but i guess whatever works for you is fine :P

it this day and age we forget what we celebrate, when we put on those green clothes, and go out to pubs and parties, to drink beer and whiskey. we are proud to be irish; or want to be irish; or like irish; or simply dont care about the irish but heard that theyre not too bad of people...or maybe all we care for is an excuse to drink, i dont know...but whatever it is that pushes us to celebrate this day, i think that we all should at least have a slight idea of what exactly we are celebratign here.

firstly, this is a national holiday of ireland, celebrated on the 17th...thats today :P secondly, the reason that it is a "green day" ( actually, when st patrick was still alive, the colour blue was assosiated with him, but now, everyone forgot about that, and picture him wearing all green :P), is because nowdays it bacame as a worldwide day to celebrate ireland, but before this, it came from clovers adn shamrocks, that are green in colour, beign assosiated with st patrick, for he used the three leaf kind to explain the concept of the holy trinity ( a concept, tha honestly, i think is too deep for me to ever grasp) to non christian people, to turn their faith. this day, began as a christian holy day to celebrate the life and death ( patrick died on the 17th of march, for all those that didnt know that) of a sain, and with time turned to be something more, something that is now a day when everyone becomes "irish for a day".

i hope this wasnt too boring for all you guys to read, and now, i hope you all go out, and celebrate all that is good in this world: being happy, smiles, rainbows, gold, shamrocks, luck, money, love, family, friends, health, faith, leprechauns, silly hats, beer, get the idea ;)

Happy St Patricks Day to all ye :P
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