February 5th, 2009


haha, adventures contd.

so, today i went back to yoga for the second time...adn i still enjoyed it! so i think we're going again next week, to see if we still like it after 3 times :P

in other sports related news...apparently i joined a sport at my school...who wouldve guessed?? myself and val decided to be the coolest white people ever, and join the school dragonboat team! oh yeah, we know we're the cooliest! :P
we will have both water and dry practices, on tuesdays and wednsdays...so that should be fun...and painful, but mostly fun...oh yeah, apparently theres a total of 4 white girls there except for us ;) fun times!!

i also came to a conclusion, that theres nothing in the world that takes your mind off of your problems better than doing some form of exercising...it takes up so much strength, that afterwards you have none left to worry about other problems in life, its great! its like some form of drug, but its not bad for you...actually, its even good for you, so thats like double win right there. now all i have to do, is get my head completely into the sports and maybe school, and leave no time for anything else and my life will be almost content, which at the moment, sounds very appealing..

so if val and i go through with the dragonboating, plus continue on with our weekly yoga quests, my weeks will be sports filled to the max :P
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