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~..~Wolf That Draws~..~

The semi-interesting ramblings of an artist

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21 June
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Hey everyone, my name is Casidhe! :D I'm your average artsy college student, with a particular interest in animals/fantasy/dead things/costumes etc. I'm a rather open-minded person, but a bit shy. However, I do love meeting new people, so if you have an honest interest in getting to know me, feel free to comment in my intro post! This journal *is* friends only, but if you have a good reason to want to read my journal I'll probably add you :) This is not an art journal; if you want to see my art, please visit my gallery. I'm terrible at making these profile type posts so it's probably best that I refrain from blathering on.

DA: http://casidhe.deviantart.com/
Contact: BarkingMoon@comcast.net

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