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This just has not been my week...

This week:

I started classes yet again :P Neat classes include: Critical Thinking on Controversies in Abnormal Psych (the higher up you are, the longer the class names) and Advanced Cognitive Psych. Lame classes include: Shakespeare (the teacher is on my nerves), Quantitative Reasoning, annnd Environment and Culture (aka Hippie Wank 101). Another semester... yay.

Lame news you already know: I got robbed on Thursday. Somebody smashed in my car windows and stole my nifty garmin. It really is a surreal experience... walking out to a car you know you locked, you know you had the alarm on... and the windows are gone and the whole car is surrounded by tiny cubes of glass. I want shatter-proof windows. And I wanna hit the ass who felt violating my property was worth the $100 he got hocking my stuff.

Lame news you don't know: The cabaret I've been training for won't be happening this year. I was crushed when little miss "let's use our funds for a couple bowling nights!" informed us. But two days have passed since I heard the news... and I have returned to my original resolve. I WILL find a new venue, and I WILL dance! I'm trying to network at the moment... see if local bands or cafes are in need of an act.

If all else fails, I can always swallow my pride and ask Zac if I can be one of the belly dancers at Hearse Con :/ I'm a better dancer than one of the two girls they had last year, as well as a better dresser (Clarice's layers of neon fishnet? bleh)... so I don't see it being a huge issue. But he's an ass... and groveling to an ass isn't my cup of tea (even if he has a gorgeous car... and equally gorgeous girlfriend with some clear mental issues for dating him).

If you know anywhere they might need a dancer.... lemme know. I am willing to accommodate any style, with two weeks notice for costume and choreography (or less if it's a neat gig).

I got robbed.

Capitol Hill is lame.

More posts!!

I wrote earlier about my current corset frustrations. Well it turns out one of those two brands I was considering has a boutique in Vegas!! So I went, and got fitted, and ended up falling just IN LOVE with a completely different corset from the one I went in to see. Ladies and gentleman.... may I introduce, The Courtesan:

I'm smitten. AND it's around $80 cheaper! AND it comes in every available fabric!! I cannot wait to save enough for this beautiful thing!!! It makes me into the perfect hourglass... something that other corsets have always fallen short of. Yays!!

edit: I just saw this... and it's marvelous. All the clip before it is a little slow... but watching Stephen Colbert sing "When Doves Cry" was easily the best part of my day (skip to around 4:06 to avoid the silliness).

I misses them :(

Pictures under cut:

Warning: Pictures are disgustingly domestic and happy... may cause slight gagging reflex in those who've taken too many sociology classes or are currently bitter about love

Christmas!Collapse )

Ah, pointlessness

Well, it's the new year... and among many many things... this means TV will start sucking less! So...

New show I'm excited about: How to Look Good Naked. Gay men and fat women feeling pretty. Not only does it fly in the face of every sociologically cookie-cutter idea of how women should feel about themselves... but it's also the television equivalent of most every GSA meeting I've ever witnessed. I feel it's a healthy balance to the modeling shows where a 120lb woman is called obese until she cries (I really saw that happen... it sort of horrified me)

Old show I'm excited about: The Colbert Report is back on air! I've had to resort to watching the O'Reily Factor while it was away... and it's just not the same. I kept attempting to strangle Papa Bear through the glass... and it shocks you pretty badly when you do that.

Old old show I really miss: Daria :( I want to hunt down some season DVDs. I remember watching as a girl and wanting so badly to grow up to be Jane. Actually, I would also love a red duster coat and nice a-line haircut to do with my DVDs. Live the dream!


Okay, so bad kitten has (probably) already achieved a new, better name... but I'm torn with good kitten.

Her name, before she was passed off between a million people, was Pandora. I was thinking of keeping it... but... being a pretty sleek black cat... a more pretty name, like Lenore, also seems fitting.

So I need advice:

Pandora - or - Lenore - ???

(and yes, it's horribly stereotypical... shut up. Poe got me through elementary school... it's a special bond)

Pictures! Glorious glorious pictures!!


Here is a video of the kittens... because it's impossible to take a clear photo of squirmy little balls of fuzz that never stand still. It's also impossible to take a straight video... so prepare to tilt your head.

The one on/in the tub is good kitty... the one on the floor attacking the trash can is bad kitty. And, again, they'll get better names just as soon as I get decisive about them.

Photos to come soon of Christmas-y things and our trip to the museum.


For Christmas, Matt got me... kittens.


Let me introduce...

Good Kitty


Bad Kitty

They'll get better names soon. Until then... kitties!!