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I should have loved a thunderbird instead . . .

at least when spring comes, they soar back again.

Hannah Abbott.

[name;] hannah audrey abbott.
[age;] seventeen.
[dob;] october thirtieth.
[location;] hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, united kingdom.
[house;] hufflepuff
[year;] seventh

[general;] hannah is a pureblood witch, her family one of the relatively few pureblood families remaining. her entire family with the exception of a snubbed few is situated in mankineville, a small town north of london. her family is very well off.
[mother;] charlotte laurel abbott. charlotte abbott is a formidable woman if there ever was one, towering approximately six feet in height. she was considered the [belle of the ball], most desired girl in her town. the most she married into the abbott family at age twenty seven. it was then that she gave up her profession; mrs. abbott was once a mediwitch. she herself has roots in france, her family being extremely old and established there. she and her daughter were never especially close, and drifted even more apart when hannah entered hogwarts. mrs. abbott was hoping for a more elite, less barbarian education from beauxbatons school of magic. although hannah loves her mother, she never truly respected her. her flighty , narcissictic ways never dawned upon hannah, but often she found herself invariably resembling charlotte abbott and this often, more than anything, scares her.
[father;] landon jackson abbott. landon abbott conducts legal business for large companies and establishments, hogwarts once being a part of them. he is the only son and child of his parents, and went into his father's line of work. he works hard to get what he wants and always gets it. his only weakness is his wife; what she says goes. as for hannah, she and her father are respectively close; he regards his daughter as of his possession, she regards her father as simply that; her father.
[siblings;] simon landon abbott. simon abbott is a thriving nineteen year old, fresh from hogwarts. he is at ease with the world, and embraces everything that comes with life. hannah adores him, and likewise. after his graduation, he moved out of the abbott family home and into a flat in muggle london, planning to go into muggle studies someday. this dissapointed his family greatly; his father had hoped that simon would go into the family business, following tradition. however, carefree, lightweight and absolutely constrained, simon abbott quite frankly did not give a damn.

hannah has a careless beauty, an appearance lightly dotted with sunshine, a beauty by mistake. or at least, that was what her mother once classified her as. beauty by mistake, she had mused, the final phase in the history of beauty.
hannah has changed dramatically over the past two years, as many would agree, growing out of her akward, girlish body. she has light blonde hair, often plaited, to give her a naive look. several freckles dot the bridge of her nose, which she finds rather annoying. she once tried to curse them off, but this only resulted in their multiplication. hannah has lovely dark brown eyes, a rare combination with the colour of her locks.
as hannah is not exceedingly athletic - she only joined the quidditch team this past year after hufflepuff grew truly desperate- she is not in extremely fine form. she is in no way overweight, possibly even the opposite, but her inability to keep up with her friends during quidditch practice often bothers her. she is approximately 5'6", an average height. hannah only recently started gathering the attention of boys her age, and being often shy and inexperienced in this area, she does not know exactly how to respond.
artificially, hannah usually dots on some lipgloss, but nothing else. she cares about her clothing, but not obsessivley; and besides, her mother takes care that her daughter looks at least presentable.

[academics;] hannah was never exceptionally bright. she does, however, love to read. in a long-ago memory, a mere eight years of age, hannah once planted herself in her father's library and read umpteen books in one single day. she is thus often found in the library at hogwarts. she tries exceedingly hard and can become hectically and often eerily neurotic when exams come along, but the results aren't always as wonderful as she would like for them to be, and is thus dissapointed. she does, however, excel at muggle studies, thanks to her brother.
[friends;] hannah does not have a huge surrounding of friends. basically, she is nice to everyone, and everyone at least seems to be nice to her. she is not extremely keen on letting people to get to know her. one of her best friends is justin finch-fletchley; he is her opposite, he helps her loosen up.
[person;] hannah is often the voice of reason between her acquaintances. however, she has somewhat the personality of a wallflower, as her classmates had always remembered and classified her as the girl whot threw up at Edna Rimbaud's seventh birthday party, and knew all the dull and embarrasing details of her existence. as time went on, people matured, and hannah matured, [physically in male cases] it didn't really matter anymore. she's still rather quiet, however, and tends to keep to herself, her close friends, and the library. she can be dreamy and often even flirty at times, to the delight of her mother.

& ETC.
hannah can be reached at xx careless on AIM ; her player can be reached at starsoakedsky@msn.com. hannah is played by marina for disapparate. all graphics/layouts are mine. i am a vindictive bitch and if you steal them i will hunt you down. disclaimer: all characters in this RPG are copyright j.k. rowling.

i'm in hufflepuff!