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This page is about why I fucking rule.


9 October 1987
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"And shepherds we shall be..."

aborted, aborym, absu, agoraphobic nosebleed, always being right, amon amarth, anal cunt, angry aryans, anti-feminism, at the gates, atom and his package, bad acid trip, bathory, benny benassi, black dahlia murder, black metal, bolt thrower, brutal truth, burzum, cannibal corpse, carcass, carpathian forest, cattle decapitation, celtic frost, children of bodom, covenant, cryptopsy, dark fortress, dark tranquility, darkthrone, dawn, death, death metal, deeds of flesh, deicide, dimmu borgir, dream theater, dying fetus, emperor, enochian crescent, enslaved, entombed, festering cesspool, finntroll, folk metal, gg allin, goatwhore, god dethroned, gore, gore fest, gorgoroth, grave, gravestorm, graveworm, grindcore, gwar, gwar concerts, hate eternal, hating arabs, hating idiots, hating islam, hating liberals, hating muslims, hypocrisy, ian stewart, iced earth, immolation, immortal, in battle, incantation, intestinal disgorge, iron maiden, jefferson airplane, judas iscariot, kkk, kovenant, krisiun, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, lynyrd skynrd, malevolent creation, manowar, marduk, mastadon, mayhem, meat shits, melodic death metal, mephistophelian, mindless self indulgence, moonspell, mortician, mortiis, motorhead, napalm death, nargaroth, national socialism, necrophagist, nile, nordafrost, nordfront, obituary, pantera, peccatum, philosophy, pig destroyer, pink floyd, politics, porn, power metal, prodigy, proving people wrong, psychomancer, punk, right-wing politics, satyricon, skrewdriver, slayer, the berzerker, the casualties, the crown, the locust, the misfits, the shining, thrash, thrash metal, trance, type o negative, ulver, underground metal, vader, vehemence, video games, vital remains, waco jesus, war, white pride, windir, wolfnacht, xasthur, xxxmaniak, zombie films, zyklon b