ashley. (_candyappleslut) wrote,

I bought season one of Angel like a year and a half ago, and I started watching, but then I got to the first crossover episode and decided I needed to rewatch Buffy, and then alternate between the two with each episode. I only remembered this because instead of picking back up in the beginning of season four of Buffy like I had intended, I decided to start watching Angel from where I left off a year ago. the crossover episode. Can't do that, because I have to watch Buffy episode "Pangs" first. I still have a few episodes before I'm even there. Ugh. Wouldn't be so bad but the reason I stopped watching Buffy is because I didn't want to make myself get through "Wild At Heart" and no more Oz and sad Willow. But then.. patheticSpike, and I can pick up at Angel episode "I Will Remember You." Okay.

Fangirl problems.
Tags: buffyslut

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