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[29 Apr 2009|01:00pm]
A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in any way this week. I may not have responded but it doesn't mean I didn't see or appreciate.
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[24 Apr 2009|01:31pm]
bad news. I don't really know how else to say this and I never update this but something really bad is going to happen. Gracie is being put down on tuesday. I had trouble typing that and I have trouble processing it even though I know it has to happen. She can barely walk anymore, even worse than she has been and she doesn't even enjoy her walks anymore. It's also hard for her to go potty and she is never comfortable. I don't want to say any more about it but if anyone wants to visit her, just ask me. Sunday is a good day. My family doesn't know, because my mom is having dinner on Saturday and doesnt want it to be sad or dramatic. But if anyone wants to come say hello to gracie for the last time just let me know.

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[15 Oct 2008|03:30pm]
Guess who got their drivers liscence!

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[28 Nov 2007|03:30pm]
Pokemon friend codes:

Diamond - 3437 1325 1071
Pearl - 4339 0868 2722

reply with yours if you wanna trade/battle :)
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