Almost there!

We ALMOST have everything moved! lol Now we just have to unpack and get everything straightened up. There's so much to do but the place is looking great and it already feels like home. I think I've adjusted pretty well, and Tricity is doing okay, though you can tell she notices the differences. She noticd right away, actully. Now our old home is considered 'grandma's house'. It's so much fun taking care of my family, cooking dinner, decorating how I want to. The holidays are going to be a blast!

I've been trying to upload more pics and get some stuff done here on the computer, too, now that I don't have wedding crafts to get done... and I can't really do my crafts for my store until I get the supplies and stuff unpacked.

I can't believe Tricity's birthday is coming up so fast! We can't afford a party for her this year, but we'll probably still go out and celebrate. At least she has friends wth birthday parties that she can go to... Next year should be a lot better for us. Just like with Mayfest, she could only go on four rides, but next year we'll get her a bracelet and then she can ride all she wants all evening.

When I get things set up and cleaned up, I'll post pictures of the new place, and I'll try to get more photos up. I know I've taken a lot down to redo them, but it looks like myspace is never going to get subfolders, so I've accepted defeat, and I'll put them all back up again...
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Geocities is shutting down?! I'm TOTALLY bummed! Anyone else have webistes there that are going to be affected by this? Man, this sucks!
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When things get less crazy...

When things get a little less crazy, I'll finally be able to put up loads more of videos, pics, and all kinds of juicy tidbits. I'm sorry I've been out of touch, but life is at full-speed and I've been riding the waves. It's been one thing after another. The holidays, then the wedding, and now, we'll be moving into a place of our own during the first week of May. I'm so excited, and it's all been so great! So just bear with me, and I'll try to get more stuff put up once we get unpacked, settled in, and I get more time on my hands.

*hugs and love to everyone*
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I'm getting married tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the big day! I got all the party favors almost done and Tahnee and I are going to decorate later today. Mom is cooking, and things are going smooth so far. *crosses fingers*
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I can't believe there's only 19 more days until I get married. It's crazy! Time is going by much faster than I imagined. I'm gettng excited. I know it's just a legal way of saying me and Adam are together, so it's not like that much is going to change, but something about it gets me excited and it feels like a huge change.

I'm a little worried about getting everything done in time... Ack! So much I still need to do, like get the beads sewn onto my dress, finish up the party favors, buy the food, test my hair and makeup techniques...

Anyway, for now, those of you who are internet savvy can enjoy the webpage I made for our wedding. I still need to do the 'about us' sections, and there's a couple of pages that need to be completed ( the wedding party and traditions pages) but you can go ahead and look at the progress.

Here's the link:

(I hope it works!)
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My robber was killed!

Remember back in the day (a couple of years ago) when I was robbed and I wrote this blog about it? (My pictures are still on it, too)

Well guess what? He's been killed! The bastard was shot and killed New Years Day by some convinince (sp?) store clerk over a bag of chips.

Apparently the store clerk thought he stole a bag of chips, threatened him with a gun, so Darramis went out to his car (which was stolen by the way) and was coming back into the store when the clerk shot him once in the hand and once in the chest. He was dead when police got there, and they found a gun in the car. At least that's all the stuff I've been reading.

Anyway, it's finally over! No more court dates, and I feel like I have been defended by the most powerful force of all. It was only a matter of time before he got what was coming to him, because that's the way the world works. What goes around comes around, and everything happens for a reason.
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Fed up with Perryville Police

They really know how to get under my skin. There's only been a couple of the officers that have been really good, and the rest are always such big jerks.

Get this - Adam was bringing me to work, the same as always, as we have been doing every five nights a week for a year now. We weren't doing anything wrong. We weren't driving too fast, wasn't going too slow, didn't run any lights, our plates and tags are all up to date, we have insurance, had our seatbelts on, we don't like any trouble, you know?

We get out onto the highway and we see them going the opposite direction. They make the effort to turn themselves around and follow us. We make it just a little past Casey's, when lo' and behold - they turn their lights on. What the hell? What were we POSSIBLY doing wrong?

Their excuse was - "We saw you pulling out from behind Schaefer's water company." and my boyfriend told him "That's because we LIVE there." And get this - they had TWO cars there! Again - what the hell? Why did they need two cars to pull us over just to find out why we were coming from behind the water company?

Anyway, they asked us our address, where I worked, if it gets lonely where I work, and made me LATE for work just because they said someone's been stealing window ac units. Now I know they were just doing their job, but COME ON... If we were doing that sort of thing, would we REALLY let them follow us as long as we had? No, we would have turned off as soon as we noticed them passing us because we would have anticipated them turning around. Would we have even turned out onto the highway from their alleyway? No, we would have taken back roads.
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Out of contact...

I love you guys... And I miss you all so much. I'm sorry I've lost contact along the way. I use the internet every day, so you can always reach me if you want. It's like I've been here all along, like Bootstrap Bill, resting in the walls of the ship waiting for my my William. Someone comes along who knows my name and I come out from the shadows for a moment, but I always seem to blend back into the background.

Anyway, I'll put this stuff up here in case anyone needs a nice refreshing update:



AIM: don't really use it anymore...

MySpace (the best place to reach me besides my messengers):

and another place I visit often is my DeviantArt:
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