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Because I Know What Its Worth To Tug At The Seas And Illuminate The Earth

I'm Calling The Moon

13 May
I am James. Currently as old as my info states. Currently totally awesome.

Western MA is boring... But I like it most of the time. Seeing stars without worrying about gallons of pollution is nice.

This is my new name. My old one had a hole in it. I also updated my AIM name to fit as well. I'm sure you're terribly excited.

I'm one of those English Major types at Westfield State College who enjoys to read and write as much as screw around with my computer, DVDs, and video game systems. My library is extensive and I like to consider myself more well read than most. But that isn't difficult, since I read more than High Times and shitty romance novels. John Fante is a god of literature and if you do not know him, but you know me... You will know him. And you shall worship the ground he is buried in as soon as my minions and I take over. Oh you shall, you shall.