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S.D. "Snake" Plissken
3 March
New York City
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NOTE! This profile contains spoilers!!! Snake is a fictional character! Please see disclaimer and links at the bottom for more information.

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Snake Plissken is Ultimate Bad Boy Love!

S.D. Plissken. American Lieutenant. Special Forces Unit, Black Light.
Two Purple Hearts, Leningrad and Siberia. Youngest man to be decorated
by the President. You robbed the federal reserve depository. Life
sentence, New York Maximum Security Penitentiary.

Yeah that's all bullshit

Call me Snake.

Have you hugged a thug?
Give Snake a hug.

Get hugs of your own

Name: S.D. "Snake" Plissken (Steven Daniel Plissken)
Aliases: The Snake, Hot Shot, Bastard, Fly boy, (Old)Blue Eye, Bob (a homage to Bob Hauk)
Ethnic: Irish, Hungarian and Iroquois
D.O.B.: March 3rd, 1967
Hometown: Deadwood, South Dakota
Weapon of choice: Pair of Smith and Wesson .629 Hunter Custom Revolvers (.44 Magnum/Special rounds - customized for fast draw. -Possibly made by Texas Mike O'Shay.)
Education: Youth ROTC from the age of nine on. South Dakota State University School of Engineering; Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Mathematics. Snake joined the military, just after turning 19. While training for the war he finished his degree.
Languages: Spanish, Thai, Russian, German, Latin (Ancient Greek in Roleplay) also a few words in Iroquois that he picked up as a boy.
Military Rank: Lieutenant (honorably Discharged. Revoked to Dishonorable after first crime)
Military training: Snake had extensive military training. Including the following:
Piloting: Gulfire glider, helicopter, Shark I-III submarines, hang glider, armored personnel carriers.
Arms training: Small arms specialist, marksmen expert, sniping expert, long arms
Hand to Hand: Boxing, knife and thrown weapons training
Special training: Espionage, Forgery, Interrogation, Security specialist, demolitions, bombing tactics, flight tactics, combat driving, swimming, diving, parachuting, survival training
Other skills: Rock climbing, horse back riding, singing/guitar, surfing, immunity to cobra venom due to gunfighting.

Criminal record:
27 Moral crimes
300+ Federal offenses including: Destruction of military and government property, Attempted assassination of a senator, Treason, Kidnapping, Armed robbery, Assaulting a police officer, Assaulting a government official, Murder, Breaking and entering, Theft and many others.

Father: Robert Steven Plissken
Occupation: Medical Helicopter Pilot and Flight instructor.
Robert spent seven years in Vietnam and lost part of his hand before being discharged.
Mother: Ella LeAnn Plissken
Occupation: Nurse and trained dogs for MPs and other aspects of the military.
Ella spent a few years of her childhood on a reservation with her father.

Snake's father left for Vietnam before he was born. His early childhood was spent almost exclusively with his mother and grandparents. Snake had trouble learning to read and was behind until entering the first grade. (After his father returned.) At the age of eight Snake met William Taylor, who becomes his best friend. He started Junior ROTC to curtail his fighting in school. Despite his behavior, Snake was a straight A student Classmates described him as a hot shot and show-off. Plissken played basketball in both high school and college.

Tattoos/Piercings: Canon tattoos Age 18 - Rattlesnake back of left calf, Age 21- Cobra on stomach to crotch, Age 22 - cobra left arm near elbow (AU Tattoos - Eagle being strangled by a cobra right shoulder, stylized python left shoulder, cobra wrapped around Xena's sword full back, Family tattoo with symbols left shoulder blade.) Pierced tongue, left nipple and left ear (Doesn't wear anything in it).

Military Career:
Unit: Black Light Glider Squadron - Specializing in Search and Destroy, Recon and Rescue. 120 flawlessly completed missions first was just after his 20th birthday and last at 23: Escaped three separate POW Camps
Medals:Two Purple hearts (eye in Leningrad and a gunshot in Siberia) Medal of Honor, Air Force Cross, Presidential Unit Citation, Gallant Unit Citation, Outstanding Unit Award, Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon, Air Force Overseas Long Tour Service Ribbon, Military Training Instructor Ribbon, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, two or more Silver Stars, two or more Air Medals, Distinguished Flying Cross, National Defense Service Medal, and one or more Prisoner of War Medals. The Purple Heart, Medal of Honor and POW Awards are canon the rest are based on what he would have received based on the descriptions of his service history in the novel and various other sources.

October 1990: The last mission to be serve before retiring. Snake lost his entire squadron except Taylor. Leningrad was a set up for propaganda. Snake's eye was damaged on this mission. Returning home, honorably discharged Snake discovered the families of all survivors’ were murdered. His own was burned alive and thrown in a pit. Snake is diagnosed with the worst case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the military has seen.

Post Leningrad:
Snake went temporarily insane and committed his first crime; blowing up the military vehicles near his parent's grave.

Escape from New York:
October 21-24, 1997: Snake and Taylor are caught robbing the Federal Reserve in Colorado. Taylor is killed and Snake is taken in. Meanwhile the president's plane crashes on the way to a crucial Summit meeting in Manhattan which is a walled off prison colony. Upon arrival at the prison Snake is offered a full pardon by Police Commissioner Hauk (Formerly Colonel Hauk in Leningrad) in exchange for retrieving the President. Hauk injects explosives into Snake's neck to ensure he completes the rescue. He has 23 hours before the explosives detonate. Snake rescues the president but double crosses Harker by slipping him a jazz tape and destroying the one for the summit. (Snake becomes one of the few people who knows how to create Nuclear-Iodine bombs)

The Snake Plissken Chronicles: [ Vol. #1-Vol. #2-Vol. #3-Vol. #4]
October 25-27, 1997: Snake is in New Jersey meeting with Marrs who he is working with to steal the J.F.K. Death car. Marrs attempts to drown Snake in a crab cage. Snake survives and kills Marrs, subsequently escaping.

The Adventures of Snake Plissken:
(Chicago early 2009) Snake's mental and personality profile is uploaded into a robotic law enforcement robot (ATACS). Snake fights the robot as it goes haywire and starts thinking like Plissken. At the end Snake mentions going to Cleveland.

Escape from LA:
Mid September 2013: Snake is caught gunfighting for profit in New Vegas Thailand. The president's daughter has stolen the Sword of Damocles control system. Damocles is a world wide Satellite array that emits EMP pulses over as much or as little of the Earth surface as the user wants. The police infect Snake with the Plutoxin 7 virus claiming he will die in 10 hours. Snake is again offered full pardon. Snake is sent to LA Island, a walled of deportation area, to retrieve the Damocles controls. Snake manages to return and discovers the Plutoxin virus is only a super flu which he will get over. He again double crosses the government by both keeping the real controls and using a hologram so they can't recapture him. Snake enters the world code to the Damocles and shuts down the world and disappears into the countryside.

AU Snake:
In Roleplaying Snake is married to xena_warrior. Though currently, he has let Xena and Solan go back to Greece for an indefinite amount of time. Snake is married to justlikedaddy. He has five adopted children: Xena's son Solan, spider_on_acid, adorablysweet and Bria's twins Mia Elizabeth and Steven Michael (Born April 1st, 2008) Bria gave birth to Snake's first biological child, Carina, on May 1st, 2009.. He lives in New York City where he owns a custom car shop. He still racks up his criminal record. He is currently 42 and is in the current year (2009).

In rp the_rebel_son possessed Snake with the Antichrist(burdentoaviper) when he was shot in Siberia. Snake carries destruction with him though they are separate entities. If Snake receives a killing injury the Antichrist is freed to the Earth. Apollyon (a name for the Antichrist) then heals Snake of his injuries. Snake must heal non-lethal injuries like anyone else.

Time Line Contains both canon and roleplay based. Clearly labeled.

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Warning: Snake is a foul mouthed, vicious often nasty and dangerous man if you have problems with smoking, sex, drugs, violence and/or swearing this is not the journal for you.
Mun Note: This is a journal strictly for entertainment, creative writing and such. No copyright infringement is intended. And No this is not really Snake Plissken from Escape from NY/LA nor does it have anything to do with Kurt Russell.. Side note: Disclaimers and Such In Addition, Snake is a fictional character played for entertainment only.
Snake Plissken is the property of Debra Hill, John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, Paramount Pictures, Marvel Comics, Mike McQuay and Hurricane Comics. Additionally.. yes those are pictures of Xena Warrior Princess, she is Snake's "baby" and no.. She is not mine either.

100 Canon Facts About Snake Plissken

List of military recognition to reference from Wikipedia.

Part one and Part two of the Mun's take on Snake Plissken.
Snake Plissken and the Antichrist interpretation of Escape from LA

Have I missed something you believe should be on the user page. Do you have questions about sources or something related to Snake Plissken. Feel free to Email the mun from Snake's email _call_me_snake_@livejournal.com

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