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For realmof_themuse Dr. Strangelove Quote

7. "Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!" – Dr. Strangelove

Snake always hated the briefs for missions. He wondered why they couldn't just give his squad the stack of papers they already had, let them peruse the papers and go from there. The endless waiting and the way the pompous office bastards belittled his young crew rubbed him the wrong way every time he thought about it. Still here he was again. Taylor on one side, Sophia on the other and four more at the table with him. The only seat empty was the one at the far end for whomever would be doing the briefing. He knew they had them on ice. Why else would they have been sitting here for an hour after the scheduled meeting time.

Plissken glanced at Taylor who jumped a bit. It was that moment that Snake knew how deadly and angered his expression must have appeared. Patience had never been his strong suit. That was not likely to change and certainly not in this environment. An hour and a half after it should have happened the door opened. A surly looking fat man waddled in toward the seat. Plissken instantly crinkled his nose at the overpowering smell of cheap cologne. He already hated this man even if he tried to bite it back. Here was another pompous prick about to send them off to die. That was the worst sensation in the world or rather right after waiting for an hour and a half for someone like this man.

"Now which of you is the commanding officer?"

Snake narrowed his eyes. They all sat there in their dress casual uniforms. Stripes, chevrons and badges were displayed plain as day. This ass shouldn't be asking this question if his eyes were functioning. The angry feeling escalated. Bradly glanced in Plissken's direction before pointing at him. The medical man always tried to keep his commanding officer from getting to riled up at these things though today it might not work.

"You? Aren't you too young for that position?"

Snake gripped the arms of the chair as fury coursed in waves through him. "I'm twenty one."


The sound alone nearly caused Plissken to fly off the handle. Strapping it together he forced the death grip to release.

"Briefing...." The fat man's voice trailed off.

"Yeah, what we've been waiting for, for a god damned hour." Plissken's voice was steady, quiet but full of the rage pent up inside. Every one of his squadron members looked his direction. Plissken felt the pressure.

"Hush. I was detained by something important."

Snake bit down on his lip to hold back the desire to shout some profanity. He couldn't let his mind go far enough to discover which one for fear that it would slip out.

"Siberia." Another long pause.

Snake's patience burned away with these one word answers. Part of him was ready to walk across the room and rip the folder away and read it himself.

"There's a target in the Northern 2 quadrant." This pause went on so long Snake took to strangling the arms of the chair again.

"What target?" Snake growled.

"Do you have no patience boy?" The belittling, arrogant tone in the little fat man's voice broke something inside Snake's head. Nothing was keeping him in the chair now.

"We have Russian forces encamped..."

Snake butted in because he couldn't take it any longer. "I don't give a fuck about the Russians. What's the damned target?"

"You need to be slapped in the mouth boy."

"What you going to do it?" Snake taunted. He was sitting up straight in the chair now with both eyes locked on the man across from him.

"I'd expect nothing less from a boy who keeps a little girl in his squad."

Snake came out of the chair like a wild cat. He was around the table and slugging the bastard in the face before anyone could move their chairs.

"You fucking son of a bitch." Snake growled as he watched the man stumble over the chair he should've been sitting in. No one moved in the room except Plissken who was shifting agitated and ready to strike again.

"How dare you hit a commanding officer."

Snake scowled and looked over the uniform pulled tight around layers of shaking fat. "I out rank you. So does my computer tech. You don't command shit."

Snake spit on him and walked back to his seat. That would be reprimands but it was worth it. Snake sat and waited while the man regained composure and called the MPs. It was assault but Plissken knew he wouldn't make it past the conference room for the Command. He was the superior who had been disrespected. The violence would be a slap on the wrist. Worth it, totally worth it.

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