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A few of you have asked that I put these in order. So here is that post. I will set this so it stays at the top of the journal and update it as more stories are added. This should make it easier to keep up if you are reading along. You will notice some places where there are spaces in the list marked with "***". These signify that there is more to the story between those points that I have yet to write. the list will not be numbered as I would have to constantly renumber it. I will try to keep a list outside the cut of new titles for each month.

New for September
Some Men Never Want to Quit

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Snake at seventy
No Regrets

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Snake is Back

For charloft

If you were to die tomorrow, what unfinished business would keep you here? Who/what/where would you haunt?

You'd think I'd say the government. Could really fuck with them. Some more of the bastards would blow their brains out but got to thinking that I wouldn't haunt shit. What you'd get is some people getting fucked if they messed with mine after I was gone. My family's the only thing keeping me here. It's why I'm not wandering aimlessly all over the fucking place right now. If anything was going to keep me from leaving it would be them.

For theatrical_muse What do you still have from when you were young?

Nothing? Memories I guess but nothing more. I don't own anything from when I was a kid. All that shit was burned with my parents. None of my friends from childhood are around either except Taylor. Shame Taylor's mind is fucked from the crash. He has less memories than I do about when we were kids. I don't have any of the material items, hell I don't even have myself from then. Comes down to it, I really don't have anything left from my childhood.

I can't say I miss having shit from when I was a kid. The burden of memories is enough without having shit to remind you. Sure, there are things I wish I had from being a kid. I wish I still had that picture of my dad he sent while in Vietnam. It's how I remember him more than anything else. Wish I had some of mom and grandma's shit to pass on to my girls but I don't. It's all just shit anyway. None of the shit matters. People are too fucking materialistic. Might as well be glad I'll never be in that trap.