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my snapple cap

says "the sun evaporates about a trillion tons of water a day" AMAZING.

Friday I went to Archer w/ Keri, Heather, Catherine, and Jessie.. it was nice seeing everybody, it really was.

Saturday was the Creskill Homecoming and I looked like a slut hah, and the dance sucked.. and I didn't get drunk that night but I was kinda glad because the party I was at got busted like 2 seconds after I left.

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Keri didn't go but she was over before I went.

Sunday I went to the mall with Manny, Garrett, and Catherine.. it was fun.. then Catherine went home and Garrett came over for a while.

Today I had school. Then I went to Garrett's school after school and then met up with Ray & Max and then went to Garrett's house to eat dinner.. and then stayed there for a while.

the end.
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