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Comet Soft Powder

Friday I went to Garrett's house.. then Nick & Noelle picked us up and we went to Garden State Plaza.. there was a shitload of people there that I haven't seen in a while- Ashley, Jeff, Steve M, etc. After the mall, we went back to Garrett's house and watched from dusk till dawn I think.

Saturday I went to the Washington Township show with Sandra and Catherine.. my friend from hebrew school was there but I didn't wanna say hi because her mom saw me smoking and her mom knows my dad so it would've been awkward. That show was aiight.. I got really sick though and fell asleep on a chair in the show.. and then against the wall in the kitchen in the VFW.. and then some fat piece of shit kept asking me if I had AIDS.. after the show Nora brought us to the Seville and I got french onion soup.. and everyone told me it looked like poop.. but it was AMAZING. Everyone else got fries.. and the fat AIDS guy was there and Arjieta told him off and it was the funniest thing in the world. then we all went home.

Today is me & Garrett's 9 month anniversary.

I'm a little happier since Wednesday.. things are getting a bit better minus the fact that I'm sick.. but I'm always sick so it's nothing new. My mom wants a new dog already and she wants another golden retriever but I want a huskie real bad.
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