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last night I got drunk kind of.. it was okay I guess.. more eventful for most of the people I was with but not me.. today I went to the city with Catherine, Justin, Lumi, and Nicole.. it was a lot of fun.. I got a nice pair of grey jeans from trash and vaudeville and the best tasting falafel in the world.. and starbuck's.. and I met up with Mike there and his friend Chris and a couple of his other friends.. they were fun.. I should hang out with them more often. So anyway we come home.. it's like 7ish.. I'm walking to Dunkin Donuts.. I'm in a good mood, blah blah. My mom calls.. drunk & hysterical.. Molly died. Ruined my night. and it wasn't easy coming home to a dead dog on my living room floor either.. but I didn't cry.. it hasn't really hit me yet that she's gone.. I think it'll hit me when no one's there to greet me at the door anymore.. and I feel worse that I've been neglecting her for the past few days. I haven't had one good day yet this month.. I thought I was gonna today.. but I guess I got a little ahead of myself. Tomorrow I'm going dress shopping for CHS homecoming. Hopefully it'll put me in a better mood, but I doubt it 'cause the dress I want is like.. slutty kinda. sucks. the end.
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