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this week

friday- went to zach's house. had a lot of fun
saturday- went to allendale. had a lot of fun
sunday- went tanning & cousin came to dumont
monday- hung out with Garrett
today- went to dunky d's.. got quiznos w/ catherine. etc.

I can't really say that schools been exciting, because I'd be lying. But when is school ever exciting? The only times I'm ever been extatic during school is when it's like 3 minutes till the bell.. or if I have a free. Homework is taking over my life. I have to be home every night at 8:00 now.. it sucks.. a lot.. but I should stop complaining.. I'm sure a good percentage of kids in this country is having the same problem right now. And even though I barely have enough free time as is, I think Ima join softball.. I'll most likely change my mind in the spring, but as of right now.. I wanna join softball. I also wanna take voice lessons.. but only because my parents are persuading me too because they want me to do something related to music, and I refuse to take band.. and I ADDed the entire guitar lessons. And I kinda wanna take dance lessons or something. My social life is gonna suck this year.

I wanna go to the spill canvas tomorrow.
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