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this weekend

well Summer is over in two days, counting today.. and my week has been pretty good. Thursday I went to the beach with Lumi and Catherine, and it was a lot of fun. We went to Point Pleasant, and spent most of the time in the arcades trying to win Catherine this snazzy bag.. but she never got it. Then uhh, we walked down towards the rocks because the waves were huge down there.. and Catherine was taking pictures of us being stupid.. and we didn't mean to swim, but one of the waves kinda knocked us off our feet. When we were eating our cheese fries at this restaruant thingamajigg, there were these creepy german people talking about me.. and they were like 30 and identical. On the way home, Mary got us icecream.. I got yellow cake icecream, which is the most disguistingly good ice cream I've ever had, but I felt like puking. Then when we got home, we showered and then walked around town and met up with everyone we normally meet up with.. Then we went to grant school and dumpster dived, only we didn't really dive.. we kinda like rolled in. But I found some neato things. Yeah. Then last night was me & Garrett's 8 month anniversary.. and I hung out with him, Nick, Noelle, and Martin. We went to burger king.. and then hung out in the parking lot of Stop & Shop for a good 3 hours.. Nick & Garrett were skating and dancing.. and me and Noelle were kinda just making fun of them.. oh, Martin left by then.. Nick dropped me & Garrett off at 12th st. when he had to drive Noelle home, so we walked back to Garrett's house and watched Dawn of the Dead. Chahh.. today's Dumont Day which should be fun. I went shopping this morning and bought jeans, shoes, and a jacket. I was supposed to get a lot more but I felt like I was gonna puke so I had my mom drop me off at home and I went to sleep for like an hour. Now I'm fine. This entry is really long so I'll stop here. bye.
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