November 1st, 2005

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friday- my mom had a halloween keg party.. everyone was piss drunk.. I wasn't.

saturday- was supposed to go to my cousin's but I ended up going to the city with keri, mark, garrett, and george.. they got me and keri a 40 to share. good stuff.

sunday- garrett and nick unexpectingly (I can't spell, shut up) showed up at my house and then we went to noelle's house and watched some comedian thingy.. then we went to the englewood diner.. and the waitor was weird.. and then we went to my house.. and then nick dropped me off at dunky d's and I met up with my friends there.. and one of the eggmobiles threw a lime at me.. queer.

monday- halloween. I was leeloo from the fifth element, but only a few selective (cool) kids knew who I was without me having to remind them. So after school, I was planning on being kevin bacon from tremors since we have the same haircut, but I decided to be a dead crackwhore instead.

tuesday/today- hung out with catherine. put 'fire engine' red in my hair and hers

the end.
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