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[ should . i . ignore . the . fashion . or . go . by . the . book ]

17 August
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1337, 80s pop, abe cunningham, aconite thrill, afi, alcohol, alkaline trio, alleged fun, amen, anger, anime, ashtaroth, attaque 77, aya brea, bass, being aquainted, being slutty, boredness, breach unborn, brujeria, brujerizmo, buttercup, camming, carrie, causality, cheese, chino moreno, coheed & cambria, coincedence, computers, converge, covetousness, cruel intentions, daughters, dead kennedys, deftones, drawing, drinking, drums, dvds, editing, entei, envy, euphoria, excel, eyes, fate, final fantasy, fishbone, funny love, game boy advance, garu, geekiness, getting drunk, girls, gluttony, going out, goldfrapp, guys, hate, having fun, heat, hello kitty, horror, hysteria, ichi the killer, icons, insomnia, intoxication, kill bill, lagwagon, lhabia, lilith, link 80, livejournal, loads of alcohol, loneliness, love, lucio fulci, lust, lyrics, making icons, manga, matrix, matrix reloaded, matrix revolutions, minerva, mocking, money, msn, music, mustard plug, nicotine, no doubt, ogling, old blink 182, one weak, otep, parasite eve 2, phonecalls, photography, photos, photoshop, piercings, pokemon, pokemon crystal, pokemon silver, pretty woman, pride, psone, pucca, quietness, raikou, reading, reel big fish, resident evil, revenge, sailor moon, shyness, side projects, silent hill, singing, ska, ska-p, sloth, smashing pumpkins, smoking, songs, sounds, spanish ska, spontaneous combustion, spunge, stephen king, sublime, suicune, summer, tattoos, team sleep, tears, technology, the blair witch project, the locust, txts, watching, writing, zombie 2