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Watch out here I come.. HAHAHAH yeah.

Decided to make my LJ public.. I don't really post in it much anymore so Im not that bothered about people reading stuff, its my shit to take if people do find out and it'll only be my fault. I might do some FO posts sometimes though at the risk of any embarassment lol.

Havent been doing much lately, been shopping a lot, mostly getting cds, clothes and looking for jobs.. been offered one at D2 in White rose, no idea how I'll get there other than on the bus if I take it, but its a nice shop so I might think about it.. meh. Also been offered one at this cheapo italian down the road, which has pros and cons I guess, I'd be working 6-1am but its really local and even if I walked it'd only take me 20 mins, compared to getting 2 buses to get to Leeds.

Anyway got 36 Crazyfists' Snow capped romance.. I think I'm the only one of my friends who thinks it is as good as Bitterness the star. On Thursday I got 4 new tops and some new pants and stuff, I've been knackered this week though because all I've done is shopped!

Hehe, I'm listening to songs that remind me of last year. Gawd last year was good. =D

Friday was again awesome.

Got drunk lastnight (again) with Laur, we talked about stuff.. we decided we're gonna tell people what we think of em.. and that includes.. the thing.. yeah. Lol. You should know.. hehe

I'll post later, gonna dry my hair and take my doggy a walk. So in the meantime heres my latest pic.

Yeah.. ugly X_x


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