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What is your name?:Katie / Kittie
Are you named after anyone?:Naww.
What's your screename?:*..: girl / scout :..* Friday <3 Summer <3 Hot people <3 SLAMMIN!11
Would you name a child of yours after you?:Nope, don't like my name enough.
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?:James
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?:Mel
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?:Yeah.. Katy
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?:No.. thats a really twatty thing to do
Your gender::Female.. I dont have to check, I can see out the corner of my eye. AHAHA.
Straight/Gay/Bi::Bit of all of those
Single?:I am
If not, do you want to be?:-
Birthdate::How rude
Your age::Never ask a lady her age.. ;)
Age you act::16
Age you wish you were::18-19
Your height::Around 5'3ish
Eye color::Bluey green
Happy with it?:Sure why not
Hair color::Browny blonde, naturally blonde
Happy with it?:Not really
Lefty/righty/ambidextrous::Righty <3
Your living arrangement::Semi detached thing with my mum.. hopefully soon to be with andy dave and his bro, hehe!
Your family::My mum, grandma, grandad, uncle and cousins
Have any pets?:1 annoying dog with a lampshade accessory
Whats your job?:I dont have one, gonna apply round town soon.
Piercings?:Surface under belly button, 4 in ears, dunno what else I want!
Tattoos?:2 stars + 'star no star' soon <3
Obsessions?:Pink, retro, anime
Addictions?:Alcohol, nicotine
Do you speak another language?:Bits of german, french, and tiny bit of Japanese
Have a favorite quote?:"I don't believe in TV, I don't believe in the fear, when you are searching for stars, you will be looking right here"
Do you have a webpage?:http://www.faceparty.com/xcambriax will do.
Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it
Do you live in the moment?:I guess not
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?:To an extent
Do you have any secrets?:Loads
Do you hate yourself?:Only if I do something to upset someone I love
Do you like your handwriting?:Yep :o)
Do you have any bad habits?:Hehe, loads. Laziness, too much drink, list is endless
What is the compliment you get from most people?:'I love your eyes'
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?:Named after some cool word like.. erm.. Euphoria
What's your biggest fear?:Being alone =/
Can you sing?:If I go loud enough
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?:Hm, cant say I do
Are you a loner?:Hehe, yes
What are your #1 priorities in life?:Erm. I dunno. Something to do with <3
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?:Prolly not
Are you a daredevil?:Kinda
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?:My hair.. its fucking awful
Are you passive or agressive?:Very passive, if you push me too far its agressive
Do you have a journal?:I'm on eet
What is your greatest strength and weakness?:I can make other people happy, but not often myself
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?:Ugh, where do I start
Do you think you are emotionally strong?:No way
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?:A lot..
Do you think life has been good so far?:Nope.
What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?:God. I dont know.
What do you like the most about your body?:Probably my boobs.. lol =o
And least?:I dont like my arms
Do you think you are good looking?:Not often
Are you confident?:Hmm. Im going with.. no.
What is the fictional character you are most like?:Blair Waldorf.. a bitch who dosnt really know what she wants.
Are you perceived wrongly?:Yes
Do You...
Smoke?:I do
Do drugs?:Not much
Read the newspaper?:Not unless theres something interesting there; meaning no.
Go to church?:Nope
Talk to strangers who IM you?:Yeah
Sleep with stuffed animals?:Theres an evil bunny at the end of my bed
Take walks in the rain?:Yeah
Talk to people even though you hate them?:Lol. yes.
Drive?:I wish.
Like to drive fast?:Just give me the chance.
Would or Have You Ever?
Liked your voice?:Yes
Hurt yourself?:Yes
Been out of the country?:Yes
Eaten something that made other people sick?:Yes
Been in love?:Yes
Done drugs?:Yes
Gone skinny dipping?:..Not officially
Had a medical emergency?:Yes
Had surgery?:No
Ran away from home?:Yes
Played strip poker?:Yes. And I love it.
Gotten beaten up?:Yeah and they got what they deserved.
Beaten someone up?:Yes. =D
Been picked on?:Yes
Been on stage?:Yes.. drunkenly and soberly in first school
Slept outdoors?:Yeah =D centenary square = not comfy
Thought about suicide?:Sadly so
Pulled an all nighter?:A lot
If yes, what is your record?:I dont count
Gone one day without food?:Yup
Talked on the phone all night?:Yeah =)
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?:Lots
Slept all day?:When Im ill
Killed someone?:HAHA oh god I wish
Made out with a stranger?:*looks shifty* yes
Had sex with a stranger?:Nop
Thought you're going crazy?:Maybe
Kissed the same sex?:Yep
Done anything sexual with the same sex?:...
Been betrayed?:Mmmhmm.
Had a dream that came true?:Yeah. Just NOT under a bed
Broken the law?:Yup
Met a famous person?:Many
Have you ever killed an animal by accident?:Insects
On purpose?:..Ants
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?:Yesh
Stolen anything?:Yep
Been on radio/tv?:Not really
Been in a mosh-pit?:Hell yusss
Had a nervous breakdown?:No
Bungee jumped?:Maybe later
Had a dream that kept coming back?:Nah
Belive in life on other planets?:Yus
Miracles?:I'll get back to ya
Love at first sight?:Yes
Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?:Yeah
Witches?:Not Macbeth witches
Easter bunny?:Nop
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?:Maybe if youre strong enough
Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?::$ Yes
Do you wish on stars?:Not unless I want something really bad
Deep Theological Questions
Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?:Nope
Do you think God has a gender?:I dont believe in God kapiche
Do you believe in organized religion?:No
Where do you think we go when we die?:A coffin or an urn
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?:I do
Who is your best friend?:Laur, Amy, Andy, Dave
Who's the one person that knows most about you?:Amy
What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?:Something Ben told me a few months ago really stuck
Your favourite inside joke?:"Im soo bliind" ;D
Thing you're picked on most about?:By my friends? Hehe, being slutty
Who's your longest known friend?:Amy
Newest?:Err.. Danny?
Funniest?:They all make me laugh
Sweetest?:I luff em all..
Weirdest?:Laura C
Ditziest?:Me, heheh
Friends you miss being close to the most?:Danny.. megrtgh
Last person you talked to online?:Zob
Who do you talk to most online?:Probably Andy
Who are you on the phone with most?:Laur
Who do you trust most?:All of em
Who listens to your problems?:Dave
Who do you fight most with?:Amy
Who's the nicest?:Sara
Who's the most outgoing?:Kelly
Who's the best singer?:Melissa
Who's on your shit-list?:Lol loads
Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?:HAHA YES
Who's your second family?:My friends.. =/
Do you always feel understood?:Nope
Who's the loudest friend?:Laura C or Kelly
Do you trust others easily?:Nope
Who's house were you last at?:Mine =P
Name one person who's arms you feel safe in::Dunno, some random male lmao
Do your friends know you?:Yep
Friend that lives farthest away::Danny
Love and All That
Do you consider love a mistake?:Sometimes
What do you find romantic?:Really random things
Turn-on?:Cant think of any on the spot.. erm, emoness, erm.. gore lol.. mmm the end scene of scream <3
Turn-off?:tall ugly people
First kiss?:was nice.
If someone u had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel?:flattered but willing to lie
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going:yep
Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy out:nope..hehe
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractiv:erm.. no
Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?:lol nope
What is best about the opposite sex?:thats a bit of a generalisation.. but ;)
What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?:they play games.. hehe
What's the last present someone gave you?:2 sailor moon mangas
Are you in love?:oh gawd i dunno
Do you consider your significant other hot?:if i had one yes
Who Was the Last Person...
That haunted you?:haha i dont know
You wanted to kill?:alex >_<
That you laughed at?:alan
That laughed at you?:cant remember
That turned you on?:..heh
You went shopping with?:shopping counts food right? amy
That broke your heart?:meh
To disappoint you?:er, i dunno
To ask you out?:I CANT REMEMBER
To make you cry?:my mum
To brighten up your day?:laur
That you thought about?:brian jonestown. WHO IS HE!?
You saw a movie with?:laur, kill bill 2
You talked to on the phone?:canny remember
You talked to through IM/ICQ?:David
You saw?:A boy and his dad on the field
You lost?:cant remember
Right This Moment...
Are you going out?:Yeees =D
Will it be with your significant other?:No but she might aswell be haha
Or some random person?:Im sure we'll see many tonight ;P
What are you wearing right now?:Low cut - heh - pink top and 3/4 length baggies
Body part you're touching right now::Hair
What are you worried about right now?:Hepititis
What book are you reading?:Of Mice and men.. damn english
What's on your mousepad?:Its yellow filled with pink goo
Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling::Excited, happy, needing a wee
Are you bored?:Yesh
Are you tired?:Not really
Are you talking to anyone online?:Nope I need to reconnect when Ive finished this
Are you talking to anyone on the phone?:Nope
Are you lonely or content?:Content
Are you listening to music?:Yesh - Brujeria

Really Long Survey (over 200) brought to you by BZOINK!

Watch out here I come.. HAHAHAH yeah.

Decided to make my LJ public.. I don't really post in it much anymore so Im not that bothered about people reading stuff, its my shit to take if people do find out and it'll only be my fault. I might do some FO posts sometimes though at the risk of any embarassment lol.

Havent been doing much lately, been shopping a lot, mostly getting cds, clothes and looking for jobs.. been offered one at D2 in White rose, no idea how I'll get there other than on the bus if I take it, but its a nice shop so I might think about it.. meh. Also been offered one at this cheapo italian down the road, which has pros and cons I guess, I'd be working 6-1am but its really local and even if I walked it'd only take me 20 mins, compared to getting 2 buses to get to Leeds.

Anyway got 36 Crazyfists' Snow capped romance.. I think I'm the only one of my friends who thinks it is as good as Bitterness the star. On Thursday I got 4 new tops and some new pants and stuff, I've been knackered this week though because all I've done is shopped!

Hehe, I'm listening to songs that remind me of last year. Gawd last year was good. =D

Friday was again awesome.

Got drunk lastnight (again) with Laur, we talked about stuff.. we decided we're gonna tell people what we think of em.. and that includes.. the thing.. yeah. Lol. You should know.. hehe

I'll post later, gonna dry my hair and take my doggy a walk. So in the meantime heres my latest pic.

Yeah.. ugly X_x


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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:In a style so odd, it defies all laws of physics.
Clothes:You dress like a wanna-be magical girl.
Special Features:Fox ears and tail
Sidekick:A small fairy that can get real annoying, real fast.
Attitude:Bouncy one minute, murderous the next. No one knows when you're going to mood-swing next.
Weapon:Flails (eh...they're like nunchuks)
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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