Jennifer Lawrence Bleach

Madonna Sings Britney Spears

On a special charity show for Malawi, the country where her adopted child was born,
Live from Miami and Live on Facebook, Madonna performs a slow beat Toxic, the day of Bribrit birthday
with special Trump messages on a giant screen and live onscreen comments from Facebook users.

Jennifer Lawrence Bleach

Blade Runner 2 gets a Title

To be released one year from today,

Blade Runner 2049

The sequel to Ridley Scott's cyberpunk film based on Phillip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep will be released next year, but not much has been revealed about the film's plot. We know that Ryan Gosling is starring in the film and Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Deckard. Now, the film's official title has finally been Collapse )

Young nat

100 Episodes Star Wars TV Series Starts Production

[music|VNV Nation - Tomorrow never comes]

lucas in carbonite will not be able to proceed with his show
So the story is between episode III and IV. From when luke and leia are born and anakin becomes vader until luke meets obi-wan. But there's no luke, no leia, no vader and no jedi ! no jedi? only recuring roles, for now, are Anthony Daniels, 63, the original C3PO as C3PO, and rumored Daniel Logan, 23 as bobba fett who played bobba fett in 2002. But the big deal is how lucas is doing it. He's going to produce a full year of episodes and pay for all that himself. Then, he's going to see the networks to see who's interested. Of course no one will be interested and he will die in shame. not. Rumor has that if all goes well, it's more of 400 episodes he's thinking of...

Collapse )
Young nat

recap from last night

1- Plainsong (disintegration 89)
2- Prayers for rain (disintegration 89)
3- a Stange Day (Pornography 82)
4- Alt.End (The Cure 2004)
5- The Walk (Japanese whisper 83)
6- The End of the World (The Cure 2004)
7- Lovesong (disintegration 89)
8- New song (New Album)
9- Pictures of you (disintegration 89)
10- Lulluby(disintegration 89)
11- New song (New Album)
12- From the edge of the deep green sea (Wish 92)
13- Hot Hot Hot (Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me 87)
14- The only one (2008)
15- Push (The head on the door 85)
16- In between days (The head on the door 85)
17- Just like heaven (Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me 87)
18- Primary (Faith 81)
19- Shake do shake (The top 84)
20- Never Enough (Mixed up 90)
21- Wrong number (Galore 97)
22- a 100 years (Pornography 82)
23- Disintegration (disintegration 89)
24- At night (Seventeen Seconds 80)
25- M (Seventeen Seconds 80)
26- Play for today (Seventeen Seconds 80)
27- A forest(Seventeen Seconds 80)
28- Boys don't cry (3 imaginary boys 79)
29- Jumping someone else's train (3 imaginary boys 79)
30- Grinding halt (3 imaginary boys 79)
31- 10:15 Saturday night (3 imaginary boys 79)
32- Killing an arab (3 imaginary boys 79)
33- Freak Show (New Album)
34- Close to me (The head on the door 85)
35- Why can't I be you (Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me 87)