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:She's: :losing: :her: :F.A.I.T.H:

:She's: :fallen: :from: :G.R.A.C.E:

Bunny SE

My name is not really of importance, but you may call me Bunny. ^-^ Or BunBun, or fluffy butt or what ever suits your fancy. Or if you're an obsessed crazed stalker bent on taking over my world-- feel free to search my entries. Because I'm sure somewhere in them I have my full name, bit by bit xP I'm careless like that.
I'm a complete airhead. You can be talking to me at one point, and I'll be off wondering what other things are going on. I don't do it intentionally, and I'm incredibly sorry if I've done this to you-- it's just how I work.
Gomen nei. ^^;;
On top of being an airhead, I'm clutzy, I'm tomboyish, I'm caring, I'm motherly, I'm a neat freak at one point, complete slob at another point. I'm extremely generous, but to add to the confusion I'm frugal and stingy, I'm also shy but very outgoing, I'm obsessive to a degree, I'm respectable towards others, I'm not respectable to myself. I'm responsible and dependable, I'm irresponsible and not stable. I'm optimistic when it comes to other people's chance, and pessimistic when it comes to mine. I don't hold standards for others, because I know we're not all perfect. I hold standards for myself because I know I can be better than what I am now-- I've seen it. I fit into all stereotypes, though not one group really fully accepts me. I have loads of friends, but I have a few who I cherish deeply and trust to no end. They're the ones who accept me for who I am. I don't trust myself, I don't cherish myself, I don't accept who I am. I put all others before myself, even if I don't know you, I'm sure you deserve it.
My love is the best gift I can ever give someone. I give it to all who want it, and for that I've been hurt before. But I'm stronger and wiser for it.
I'd say it's a fair price.
Welcome to the never ending saga, of Bunny SE.

I come from an abnormal family with a still married mother and father, I also have a big brother. The American dream family of four. The father and mother with an older son and a younger daughter.
We're not perfect though. Far from it. I simply ask you to acknowledge that, and don't say I don't understand when your family fights verbally, mentally, psychically. When your family breaks up, when your family is on the edge to point of internal destruction.
Don't say I don't understand.
I have been through more than I am willing to tell.
Simply acknowledge that.

Alias: Bunny SE
Location: Sacramento, CA
D.o.B: May 18, 1987 Age: 18
Western Zodiac:
Month--Earth Taurus
Eastern Zodiac:
Year-- Female Fire, Red Hare
Month-- Female Wood, Green Snake
Day-- Female Fire, Red Hare
Hour-- Female Fire, Red Hare
Celtic Zodiac:
First Influence-- New Moon Hawthorn
Second Influence-- Chestnut
Third Influence-- Vulcan Uath
Symbol-- Chalice of Life
Mazzaroth Zodiac:
The Judge-- John 5:22
Egyptian Zodiac:
god/goddess-- Amun
[if you wish to know your sign/influence in any of these, feel free to bug me!]
School Level: Sophomore @ American River College GPA: N/A
Eyes: Gold when cold, green when warm. Hair: Shoulder length, straight, brown but with dyed blonde bangs.
Height: 5'5" Weight: 134
Ambitions: I wish to have at least one piece of mine published. I wish to help the world. I wish to be good in what I become, I would love to become something that deals with Child Psychology. A teacher, counselor, psychologist, child services, etc.
Dream: To live in Tahoe NV with my Brady, Malcolm, Cody and Casandra. By the lake, where I can watch them all play on the beach and hear their happy voices from where I'm writing the next book in my Star Children series that won't ever be published until I'm gone. Cuniculus will be laying next to me, my giant welsh lop albino attack rabbit. Kitty litter trained and everything.
If one is to dream, dream big.





:C.o.m.m.u.n.i.t.y. B.a.n.n.e.r.s:
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:C.o.n.t.a.c.t: :M.e:
I check my email as often as I update my journal. For online messaging, I'm usually invisible, just im me anyways and I'll more than likely be on. Or, you can just post in the most recent entry. You're more likely to get a response that way. xP
AIM: IXIWhiteBunnyIXI, IronMarked, ArmorOfBlood, Condemned Eyes
Yahoo: Tamerai_mo_Naku, Condemned_Eyes
Gaia Online: Bunny Rabbit
**Email: Bunny.SE@gmail.com

These are my main collections, the link is to a list of what I own, though I do collect allot of other things... and I mean allot o_o;;; But these are the ones I'm working on.
My wish list is basically the items I'm still looking for, I update these lists often so... *shifty eyes* ... *cough* Moving on!

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I am British and I am loved.
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