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Bunny SE
Eng T/Th@8:30
Due: 4.4.6

Process Analysis Essay
The Process of Failing at Writing.

Writing begins with one small step, the step of the mind, the will, to move to the desk, sit down and write. Though that is indeed a step, it’s certainly not entirely the first one. One must first have the inspiration, the creativity, the need and drive to make a mad dash to the desk before they forget what the incredible thought was.
Inspiration doesn’t come easily though, nor does it always come when you need it the most— when you need to write a paper, when you need to release from the long day, when you need to get a deadline met in just a few days. It also comes to you in the most interesting ways, it’s fickle like that. It’ll come to you when you’re sleeping, or when you’re walking down the street and all you saw was a piece of paper being blown in the wind. Creativity will come to you when you’re listening to your friends tell interesting stories, or when you’re cooking dinner for your boyfriend.

The worst place to get creativity, the worst in all the world’s possibilities, is in the classroom.
The sudden urge to make the dash to the computer and start typing frantically before the muse decides to move on, but can’t, because class still has another thirty minutes before the teacher will begin to contemplate to dismiss everyone.
It doesn’t stop there, the muse decides to linger and taunt, even when the teacher has set the class free for the night. The muse pokes and prods at the mind, spilling sweet creative liquids into every crevice, urging onward to sit down and let the liquids flow from the finger tips. Not home yet! The car, the car which was parked on the other side of the campus. Scurry to the car, ignoring all people around, dodging the people who are just standing around, and eluding people who would want to talk and stop the mission.
Eventually the car comes into view, get in, and rev it up. Quickly, pull into the street and go 40 instead of 35, hoping the extra 5 mph will get the vehicle there just that much quicker. The stop lights though, yellow, speed up! Managed to evade one, but the second forces the brakes to screech to a stop, and wait. Agonizing, long, eternity in a minute or two. Green! GO!
Pulling into the apartment complex, a tuck and roll towards the door with the apartment’s keys in hand, and after a second or two of fumbling with the many pieces of metal, the door opens. One last crazed dash towards the computer! Get it started! Get it started before— … the laughter, lingers in the mind as the muse waves good bye and moves on to its next victim. All that she left is a blank screen of a word document, and the venomous laughter of silence.

Double spaced, it's about 2 pages long. The essay has to be 2-3. I REALLY, LOVE THIS ESSAY.
I'm surprised that it actually came out of me... for the past week or so, I've been feeling more artsy-crafty and have been making necklaces, backpacks and night lights like crazy. Writing or drawing just hasn't been coming to me at all, not even a simple journal entry, obviously. =/
Anymoo. The first paragraph is suppose to get you into the grove and let you know what the essay is about. From there, the second essay is the process, and I purposely made it so that I don't use 'I' or 'you' so that it makes it more... personal? Does that make sense? It kind of forces you to put in your own 'you's and 'you did's and 'you went's. Read it over, see if any of you can relate.

I would really like it if the lovely Miss Torra would read and comment on this one specifically. Please? ;-; <3

Sorry if this isn't much of an update. e.e;; This is my entry for the night. I'll update on what's been going on tomorrow night if I get my studying done for the math test. Other wise you might have to wait until Thursday to know what's been going on with me.

Take care all, nie.
See you.

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