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this fucking sucks.
since may 19th hes all i can think about.
it's december 9th now and
this year is going to be the worst birthday ever.
nothing seems to be looking up lately.
im fucked with school because of my sleeping habits.
but ive been trying to keep positive.
and ive been having a lot of fun.
i just wish i had someone who cared that i could talk to.
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well i guess it would be niceee if i could touch your boddyyy

im in the best mood every today.
since i woke up ive just felt so great.
i talked to everybody today instead of just dragging through school.
i have plans booked all over the place with amazing people.
today i hung out with travis and pete kinsey and his friends.
petes fucking awesome, so is his blow up doll and me and travis.
i saw a lot of other cool kids today toooooo
then went out with bryan for a bit

bryan and i have the best new years eve plan ever.
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today i went to travis' house with debbie and kristina.
kristina had to leave early though. today was so much fun.
sumblime <3 cinnabons <3 the shining <3 peewees playhouse <3
blah blah blah. travis' sister is insane haha.
i love dancing.

woo my birthday is next week.
gonna be a great wedsnday - sunday.
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so much randomness.

hung out with travis, jason, b less, bw, and dq
go karts and big houses and a cop and diner and yeah.
a very random but good evening.

then at midnight i went out with
jjt and richie and mark and alex
just got home now, it was sad but funny.

sometime soon me and richie are
having a misery loves company day.
horror movies + lots of food

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its funny that i get home at 4am
and my mom's too crazy to care.
nitso's party was fucking awesome.
im never gonna be able to eat
chicken flavored rice ever again.
i love those kids, theyre so positive.

somewhere during the craziness
i realized it's been one month.
and it scares me how much ive changed.

i changed in a lot of good ways
but also bad because i have nothing to lose
and i could care less about anything these days.

i dont know.

longest month of my life

the months to come probably wont be easier.


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today was crazy
Dr. Suess <3
every time i read dr suess
i rhyme for hours by accident

my new reason for school
is the Hunnybuns for a dollar.

OMFGZ old LJ entrrieeesss<33

reading through old entries.
i miss summer SO much.

it made me so happy but also so sad reading through all the old times.
i miss hanging out in the lancer with the same like 7 kids every day.
diner stops and ddr at bayshore mall like every other day.
mini golf & plastic masks & family guy at nickys & 'we didnt hit you'
amazing sleepovers & water gun fights & nassau county fair
braffe waffle. waffe braffle. & ffc/ppc. & "mail" & garage sales
egg sandwhiches & hill bostrom & sclafani circuit & nickys MJ jacket
people repeating things with different letters & 'what are those?'
& ghostiez & lawngbawdd, shawtbawd & chan incorporated & "to what!?"
..in thhe middle of a gun fight...::rewind:: :::repeat::...
& love.
i think i miss that most.
but i dont want it back
unless its from who it used to be from
i was so ungrateful of what i hadddd

i havent looked back in my LJ in too long.
everything changes, and people find new ways to have fun
but wow i miss all of that too much <3

i also look back at old lj entries
and kick myself for acting like i did
the changes ive made on who i am are good
but some changes in my life havent really been
and i think that reflects how ive acted in the past

haha i <3 my livejournal.
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