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i slept a lot today.
then hung out with bryan til nowish.
tomorrow = lip piercing(s)?
i might get 2 studs on one side
i dont know
i dyed my hair today
so did bryan
today was pretty eventful actually.

look at me im boring

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so last night the city was so good
with carolyn, emily, jjt, and richie.
we did a lot of random stuff
had a good time
went into a crazy sex shop
and urban outfitters
and a huge guitar center
and stuff
had to leave around midnight
emily didnt feel well :/
i had an amazing time anyway
the train ride home
what a mess of stupid hats & music

everyone came back to my house around 2am
kindergarten cop <3
i definitely didnt break my vcr/dvd player.

it was a good night, i was asleep by 6am
and stayed asleep until 5:30 tonight
then mall. ugh i hate the mall.

this weekend was just too good.
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could tonight possibly get any better?

around 4 i got picked up

headed to RexPlex in NJ for the best show
the blood brothers<33333
from first to last
from autumn to ashes
lots more

all the bands did good
blood brothers take the cake<3
they played the best set ever
and the energy was incredible
i was in front basically
best thing ever.

the ride there was too hilarious
i love those kids

drive home same kids + trav 2
acapella sing alongs <333

now sleeping over jbz
with everybody

such a good night

and tomorrow

will be amazing too.

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so i thought my birthday would be okay
but i was wrong, it turned out incredible <33
i went to school, which was fun because
i just hung out with travis, bryan, and paul instead of class.
then i went out after school for a while.
i wish travis & kristina couldve came.

i love alex sclafani birthday "hugs" x 3.
i love brian worthman's winter accessories.
I LOVE THE PARKING LOT MOSH \m/ more than life.
i love hauppauge dodgeball tournaments.
i love the dancing at the dodgeball tournaments.
i love the lancer and the people in it tonight.
i love the lion king stamp on my hand.
i love burger king and my 1000000+ hats of theirs.
i love every single person who wished me a happy birthday
i love silly singing voices
i love a night full of laughs and pointless conversation.
i love my new h&m jacket thanks to travis..and me.
i love (sadly, but surely,) ddr and the unibrow kids that played.
i love finally getting twizzlers after a 3 day craving.
i love everyone sing-attacking me to Queen.
i love today
and every other part to it.

thank you
to everyone
who i saw
and made me happy
and gave me a good birthday
love you all <33



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this is terrible, i just woke up. i really need to start sleeping at normal hours. i didnt even see the light of day today. i really need to start going to school, it's getting to me lately. it's so depressing.

and tomorrows my birthday
and i could care less really

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wow amazingg night.
met up with jjt and richie
wisely spent jjt's money
back to my house
complete craziness for hours
jjt passed out
watched amazing movies up until morning with richie
craziest coincidences ever.
no sleep til 7:30am
pancakes in the afternoon
+ jurassic park<3

i havent had a night that made me this happy in a while.
it was something new, and soo much fun

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here's my friday.

travis came over and we met up with pete kinzy
& his friends at the mall.
kinzy is absolutely insane, but awesome.
im still not sure how he didnt kill us while driving
but, everything worked out somehow.

eventually jason called travis
he picked us up and we got billymark!
and then dq,gallo,and b less.

we basically had to start driving kids home at that point.
it was down to me, jason, and billy at like 1am

i really didnt want to stay at my house.

so bryan feger picked me up
he always saves the day.
we drove around a bit,
dunkin donuts
and i dunno

i ended up back at my house.
and ended up completely bugging out
until now. i think its like 5am now.
i have no idea where the last few hours went.
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i fucking love music.
and mashed potatoes.
and those 2 things together
at 4:20am, friday morning.

music affects my mood so much.
it's incredible what it can do to me.
yeah, well, so does food.

why dont i ever sleep?
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