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block island was even more amazing than last year. i cant even explain. but here are some fun things that happened.

on our last night there, me carolyn and james slept in the mini van in the middle of nowhere and it was so dark. we were up til like 5am talking about the most random things. we sounded like comeplete stoners. complete stoners sleeping in a mini van. at like 2am carolyn hit the button to open the door and me and james didnt know it was her doing it so we like jumped at eachother screaming. i was never that scared. and that at 3am we looked out the van window and the house was blinking. im still confused about that one.

something fun about block island, is its safe to hitch hike. and that is what we do. one of the people we got in with was this shaggy looking guy in a peice-of-crap rusty truck with like a matress in the back. we got in and he was blasting classical music. thats one more thing that teaches me that you cant judge a book by its cover.

me and carolyn had a goal to make friends. we met flamboyant jesse who was so overly animated about everything. we met these kids Mitch and A.J. who were into really good music but they were so goddamn boring. and then there was...GALAGA BOY!!!! he was this small child who was overly obsessed, and scarily good at the arcade game Galaga. and he followed us around. i dont even know his name. Rock on Galaga Boy, rock on.

oh oh oh and there were scary parts. the house we stayed in was like 10 miles from town and all the houses are like a mile away from the roads and the roads are dirt and heavily lined with bushes and trees and there are NO STREET LIGHTS. so every night we had to walk home down the haunted roads like that. just me carolyn and james. by the way, james is carolyns cousin who i met last year, and hes the coolest kid around.

w0rd. i miss that place. i could go on for hours about all the adventures we had but that would take me so long and we only got like 2 hours of sleep in the mini van last nighy, which was awesome, but im exhausted.

banana boating = the ultimate reason why we exist

i am theee pac man champion of block island.


'nite <3
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