September 30th, 2003

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once again, i love my freinds <3

since im moving outta the neighborhood, danny and matt got me thee awesomest card. the front has a mexican dog dude saying "Adios!" and the insides real funny.

well danny, matt, andrew, phil, jason, and ivan and I all bid farewell to my house today. its so sad. i grew up here. oh well. its not like im moving to alaska. i was on the phone with travis for like a billion years before. he considers my new house as Alaska. im letting him have my ricky martin cd. what a tragic loss for me.

hung out at andrews today. yeah, that was basically all. feild hockey game tommorow. woot!.?. also- getting the new From Autumn To Ashes cd tomorrow. ive heard a few songs. its good, right?