September 29th, 2003

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well this is a weird feeling. tomorrow is the last day i will ever spend in my house. ive lived here since i was 4. so much has happened here. everything i ever went through since i was 4, ive been here in this house for. and now i have to move. wedsnday. for the next month i have to live at my grandmas, until i can move into a peice of shit rental house for 5 months, until finally i move into Country Pointe, the "im better than you" condo development for old rich people who think theyre better than everyone else because they play golf. every condo in that place is exactly the same. its horrible. i dont want to leave this house.

i wont be seeing much of my friends for the next month. my grandma lives in northport. im going to get driven to school everyday. but yeah..other than that, ill be living in northport for the next month.